10 SEO Trends That Will Matter Most in 2020

February 3, 2020 Peter Minkoff

Search engine optimization has grabbed a lot of attention in recent years and is becoming an essential part of every business’ marketing strategy. However, with its rise in popularity, new methods and ideas are constantly being developed that are impacting how SEO functions. Additionally, the world we live in is also changing at incredible speeds, which means the way we conduct business is also changing. All of these things are impacting the world of SEO marketing which is constantly evolving. So, in order to help you out, today we are going to take a look at 10 SEO trends that will matter most in 2020.

1. Planning Ahead

Planning ahead has always been one of the most important keys to success. While SEO used to be able to be additionally integrated into a business’s marketing strategy, nowadays, it has to be taken into account from the moment you set up your business. This is because most other aspects of your business will have a direct impact on its performance and if they aren’t taken into account, you may not be able to see the results you want. So, if you want to get good results, you will have to make good concrete plans of how your business is going to develop and ultimately how all of it will impact your SEO performance.

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2. Figuring out what others are doing

With so many businesses making use of SEO, it’s only reasonable to assume that their decisions will also impact you and your SEO performance. This means that you will have to research your competition and accordingly adjust your plans. Additionally, by doing this, you will be able to get vital insight and may even find out something new that will help you improve.

3. Increased focus on mobile

It’s important to note that more than 50% of website traffic worldwide comes from mobile phones. This means that the majority of people will be viewing your website from a phone so you need to make sure your website functions on it as well if not better than on a desktop computer. If you aren’t optimized for mobile you run the risk of losing a lot of potential customers and significantly decreasing the performance of your SEO. Because of this, focusing on delivering a positive mobile experience should be every businesses priority.

4. Longer and better content

All search engines have increased the requirement for high-quality content. Simply put, the better and more informative your content is, the more clicks you will get and through this, your SEO will perform better. However, while the increased need for quality has been happening for a few years, recently, there’s also been a focus on longer content. In other words, quantity has also become an important factor when it comes to making content that will generate the most buzz.

5. Voice Search

Voice search and the technology that powers it has seen major improvements over the past couple of years. With more and more searches coming from voice search, companies need to start improving their voice search optimization. This means focusing more on long-tail keywords as by nature, voice searches are longer and more conversational.voice seo, google voice search

6. Video Content

Videos have become the preferred way for customers and people in general to view content. They stimulate most of their senses while also requiring substantially less effort to follow than reading a text. They also represent a great way to diversify your content and draw in more potential customers.

This means more and more marketers will turn towards trying to integrate video content in their marketing strategy as it will increase their reach, especially with most social media platforms also adopting video content as the way forward.


7. Outsourcing

Marketing experts are predicting that people will spend almost 80 billion dollars on SEO in 2020. With this amount of money and many new difficulties and trends arising, there is undoubtedly an increasing need for professionals who know what they are doing. This is where outsourcing your SEO needs in the form of white label SEO comes in. In short, white label SEO represents a form of partnership where companies that want to sell products or services team up with a company that will take care of their marketing needs. This partnership is beneficial for both businesses as the first one can focus on others things such as improving their products or designing a new one while the other one can focus solely on how to maximise the performance of their SEO.


Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or, in short, BERT is a tool that was released by Google last year. Essentially, it’s aimed at understanding the intent behind search queries in order to help end-users find useful information related to their searches. This is having a fundamental impact on how all aspects of SEO operate. Google will understand what the text is about based on other words, on how they’re connected in this and other sentences, and other factors. This means content will start to move towards what users really want to hear instead of trying to make content around specific keywords.

9. Digital experience

Digital experience is another SEO trend that’s set to have a bigger ranking impact in 2020. It shows how comfortable and satisfied users feel when on your site and includes things such as website speed, ease of navigation and the design of your website. In other words, even if you have great and optimized content, you’ll fall behind if people feel uncomfortable when visiting the site.

10. Local SEO

Local SEO refers to the process of ‘optimizing’ your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches. Most small businesses are primarily concerned with the local area they operate in, which means this is the area they should be focusing on. Recently, Google has released a lot of updates that are aimed to improve how this system works and making sure you are optimizing your local SEO will be a key trend to watch out for if you want to succeed in 2020.


The world of SEO is experiencing rapid and constant changes. The trends talked about here are some of the biggest and most important ones you need to take into account if you want to improve your SEO results going into 2020.

Peter Minkoff is a social media and business writer at OffTheMRKT magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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