Tips on How to Get a Business Logo Design for Your Website

December 15, 2019 hilartech

Below is a guide to a typical logo design process

The design of your logo is a big deal since it’s an essential part of any given brand, including website and marketing collateral. 

It can be a frightening process if you have never designed a logo before. But the emerging second decade of the XXI century and striving gig economy possibilities to get a rad logotypes are endless.

Here is a quick overview:

  • Widely known branding agencies out there (dull)
  • Your local agency (e.g., hilartech.com – serving Greater Rochester, New York)
  • Independent artists on Dribbble.com (the quality and price range varies greatly though) or Upwork
  • Search DIY logo templates on numerous directories out there
  • Or maybe even design one all by yourself 🙂

Whatever route you choose, understanding some core principles of logo design will help a great deal.

Below is a guide to a typical logo design process. 

Find the Right Inspiration

Designing a logo is much easier than you think. 

However, you should take the time to find inspiration at the beginning stages. This way, you have time to collect different ideas, and you will know more clearly which designs you like and which ones you don’t. 

When you take the time to find inspiration, you will have a better idea of which direction to take with your logo design.

Luckily, there are many logo designs to inspire you with new ideas. 

Finding good examples of logo design is quite easy if you know where to look. You will want to collect at least three design references that you will like the most.

I always start with Dribbble, searching for terms like “restaurant logo.”

There are also sites such as logodesign.net, which presents many free graphics and ready-made samples of logos, ready to use for your business website. You don’t need to buy any of them, just choose the one that best suits your business site.

By taking the time to figure out various design and graphic concepts, you will be able to start the process of logo development on the right foot.

You will be able to create something similar without being disappointed or confusion about where to start. Remember to collect at least three creative examples that talk to you and could suit your business.

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Identify Three Colors That Reflect Your Website

The choice of color for your logo design does not need to be complicated. 

If you already have brand guidelines, use these colors for your logo. You may have to change the colors a bit as you develop your logo design, but it is with these branded colors that you should start with.

However, if you don’t have a pre-defined branding preference or website color that you can work with – don’t worry. 

Instead, you will need some time to find the right colors suited to your niche, industry, and target audience. 

  • Therefore, if your company operates in the automotive industry, focusing mainly on older men, you will want to choose colors that may be darker or of a more vibrant tone. 
  • If you work in the beauty industry and target a younger female audience, then choosing lighter colors, perhaps even metallic ones, maybe better.
  • Another example could be if you work in the automotive industry, but target younger people, a darker and more masculine palette may not work as well as a lighter and more vibrant one. It’s not just about the industry. 

It’s about the whole picture, which includes your niche and target audience.

  • Another example is if you work in the beauty industry, but are aimed at men. In this case, light pink or yellow may not be the right colors. 

Ultimately, you should do your research and choose colors accordingly.

You can use the websites mentioned in the first step to finding the right color. Besides, Pinterest is an excellent source of color inspiration and niche research.

You should also try to think about your colors more broadly, that is, how these colors can be used on your website as a whole, not just for the actual design of your logo. 

That is because your logo design will influence your brand as a whole.

Choose Your Logo Design Style

As you will probably notice when looking for inspiration, logos come in a variety of styles. There are many different styles or types of logos

But the two most essential logos are either 

  1. the text-based ones, much like Disney or Google, 
  2. or symbolic logos, like Instagram or Nike.

There are also some cases when a logo combines these two types — for example, Domino’s or Target. Either way, you should choose the type of logo design that best suits you and your business.

Besides, there are different styles of visual design, such as a more retro logo design. There are also ultra-modern, minimalist, classic styles, as well as many various other shapes.

Let’s talk about the shape of the logo first. 

  • Fantastic round logos, especially in the form of separate symbols, are great as avatars on social networks and work well with other graphic elements. Circles are cohesive and inclusive shapes. They have a central focus and are usually accessible on the eyes. 
  • Rectangular logos are also compelling. Square shapes feel reliable and durable, giving the logo a sense of strength and stability.

Be also aware of the different styles of logo design, like minimalistic or more classic styles. To choose the right manner, you should take note of two things.

First, consider your niche, your business, and your target audience. Much like color choice, you may need some time to understand which visual style is right for your web page. 

If you want to sell modern bedroom furniture, think about the design of a current logo rather than a more retro design.

Secondly, think about your preferences. You should also like the logo that you are designing. Take inspiration from the pieces that you have collected in the first step and follow the example of the logo design that you like.

Find the Right Font

If you are developing a logo with a text element, you will have to choose a font suitable for it.website fonts

There is no shortage of fonts find the perfect one. 

If you’re looking for a free font (and easy to install on the website), you can start with Google fonts. The only downside is that their font collection is so widely used by many websites, companies, and designers.

If you are considering buying a unique font for your logo, consider purchasing a low-cost font at a place like Creative Market. They have a lot of fantastic custom fonts that won’t break your budget. 

Another alternative is to browse the Behance website, which has many custom fonts to download. Some of them may cost you, but many of them are free and made by very talented designers.

When you are looking for a font for your logo, remember the style of your typeface. The font must match the overall look and feel of your logo. If you choose a cutting-edge logo style, choose a cutting-edge font. 

Otherwise, your logo will not look the way you would like it to look and lose its appeal.

Unfortunately, getting the perfect logo can take several attempts. 

Especially if you are developing a logo for the first time, as with most skills, it takes time and practice to succeed (you might also get hooked on the process and consider a web designer career altogether, hah). 

So if you don’t succeed with your first try, its ok. You just have to try again.

Most professional designers don’t get the right logo on their first try, because the design is an entirely iterative process. So don’t get discouraged too much. If you are dissatisfied with the design of your logo, you have two options:

  1. Repeat the iterations on your project.
  2. Start from scratch and try again.

To your massive success!

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