Advertising BETA Test Application

For Rochester Medical & Dental Practices

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We only 2 slots available

We are looking for two key Medical Doctor(s) or Dentist(s) in the Rochester area to Beta Test two different proprietary digital Sales Funnel advertising strategies for 30 days.

These sale funnels are designed to increase revenue by maximizing lead conversion by walking potential clients through a logical sales funnel process.

The Beta Test advertising strategy is specifically designed for medical & dental practices.

The goal is to do A/B testing for both our advertising strategies at no cost to you.

Week 1. We need to understand your business model. Plus, collect relevant data about your practice
Week 2. Integrate your services or products directly into our advertising campaign
Week 3. Launch Advertising Campaign – Collect & Analyze data on an hourly basis with data analytics
Week 4. Refine & pivot each respective advertising campaign in order to maximise results while reducing ad spend. This refinement will improve the client acquisition sales funnel process.

The great thing is, you get to keep the clients you gain for your practice during our beta testing process.

It is a win-win scenario. We only have 2 slots available.

Apply today.

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