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Utica NY

Utica Web Design, SEO Services, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, &Chatbots

What we do...

We’re a Digital Marketing Firm serving Utica New York.
We specialize in Web Design, Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Youtube Advertising, Local SEO, and Email Campaigns. We know what it takes to help your business move beyond obscurity among other local Utica businesses.

Planning & Strategy

We bring more than just local knowledge by integrating effective strategies bolstered by tailored Digital Marketing methodologies tailored for the Greater Utica business market

A Local Business Partner

We take pride in working on your behalf so your Utica-based business to be competitive on Google Search. We understand what it takes to fight for digital space when you have to compete against national companies like Amazon, Target, Home Advisor, and Eat24 have massive budgets designed to flood the advertising space with ads.

Greater Buffalo Market Data

Regardless of your target audience, whether it is in Rome, New Hartford, Marcy or Westmoreland. We know how to harvest the right market data from our analytic research tools. We will tailor a strategy based upon what the data tells us and what your specific needs and requirements are.


Our Services.

We realize that your Utica competition is always just a click away and creating a professional,
well formated, and easy-to-use website for your clients. More importantly, on your budget, is our main goal. It is imperative you have the appropriate web design that matches your business size and strategy.

Utica Web Design

We design modern websites that are appealing to the local Utica market in which you operate. Knowing the consumer audience matters. Our web designs are fresh and load quickly. More importantly, all of our web designs are 100% Mobile ready. Learn more.

Facebook Advertising

We use every tool Facebook has to offer! We will propel your Utica-based business to the next level with compelling Facebook ads that are backed by powerful re-targeting technologies. Learn more.

Google Advertising

We are an Official Google Partner in Google Display, Search, & Youtube Advertising. As you know, Google Advertising is slightly complicated for the average user. There are many hidden tools that can help you optimize your current ad spend. You could save thousands of dollars over a period of time. Learn more.

Google Ranking

Outpace your area competition with integrated Local SEO techniques. Start ranking your business on Google by leveraging our awesome SEO skills. Whether you like it or not, in order to compete on Google, SEO precision is a must. Without it, you will likely be irrelevant in Google’s eyes.

Data Analytics

We track the behavior patterns of visitors to your website who are from the Greater Utica area towns and beyond. We evaluate precise key performance indicators that tell us what is helping or hurting your Google Rankings.

Business Citations

Local citations can really boost your local SEO score with Google. For example, if your business has the same exact information across numerous directories, you will likely dominate your market sector. We will fix current listings that have incorrect information and ad an additional 25 to 50 new listings.

Managed Hosting

When you partner with us, not only do you get powerful hosting, but you get Cybersecurity protections, Anti-Spam, Software Updates, Cloud Backups, and much more. Worry free hosting.

Amazing Customer Support

We have a simple customer support system. We believe in making sure your needs are met. We take pride in providing timely and quality support to all of our clients.

Unlimited Edits

When you choose to partner with Hilartech. You get unlimited edits. Businesses evolve and so should your website. We don’t charge per edit or set limits. Our world-class maintenance is included in every web service package.


Featured Clients

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below
and enjoy our design work with love for every detail.

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All of your Google Ad Campaigns are protected by PPC Fraud Detection software. We will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. We will work directly with Google on your behalf and get refunds on nefarious PPC Click Fraud.
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