Failure to Launch Your Business with a DIY Website Builder

April 8, 2020 hilartech

If you are reading this article there is a solid chance your website is failing right now.

Why do I know this? You have most likely built your website yourself.

Is this true? If you have not and are one of the lucky ones who had a website design correctly from the beginning.

I would commend you letting the technical experts handle one of the most important sales tool that help acquire new clients for you, your website.

Ideally business owners should stick to running their business instead of trying to be seo & web design expert.

Just because there are web design companies like cheap DIY website builder services like WIX, Godaddy, Weebly, Squarespace, and many others, doesn’t necessarily mean your website will perform well.

I know, these DIY website services only cost around $10 to 20 month. 

Yes, this makes the web design process very affordable. 

Especially when you are tring to keep your business expenses low.

Don't fail as a business owner...

This is where most business owners fall into this vortex of trying to become a web design expert overnight by thinking that they can build a website.

This wild idea that customers will automatically flock to their website to purchase their products and services.

Wrong. This is a work of pure fiction.

This is unrealistic because they do not know the first thing about web design theory and technical search engine optimization (SEO) requirements and cutting-edge Google ranking techniques like On Page & Off Page SEO.

I am not trying to offend or cast judgement, but if I wanted to start an electrician business.

I wouldn’t put an advertisement in the paper that offers electrical services without having a complete understanding of Alternating Current and electrical design.

More importantly, there are certain industry level certifications required before one can call themselves an Electrician.

This is very similar to the backbone of your website.

The intricacies that create the backbone of a website is made up of hundereds if not, thousands of  interconnected contextual links reinforcing call to action funnels. 

If you do not have your website build on a solid foundation, it will underperform every time.

I cannot stress this enough; SEO is an absolute must have for a website to perform correctly in today’s online ecosystem.

Well, from my 20 plus years of digital marketing and web design experience, I have yet to meet a business owner who designs their own website with one of these DIY website design platforms and is crushing their competition.

Now, I am not saying that these mainstream DIY website design services are bad.

I am saying that I have not met a single business owner who knows how to incorporate each aspect of SEO fundamentals required by Google that ensure their website will be competitive against their respective niche market.

There are countless technical factors that is causing their website to fail.

There are three main reasons why business owners don’t see the results they imagined:

  1. The website was put together without the understanding the fundamentals of web design theory (Websites have a specific layout that Google bots love. If your website’s structured data is not formatted correctly, Google will not index or recognize the content on your website)
  2. The website’s code is not optimized for correctly for Google & Bing search engines (I will talk more about this later in the article)
  3. Most of all, the website does not have On Page & Off Page SEO, you will likely not get any traffic to your website. This process is more of an art form. This will be discussed in detail in the next few chapters.

Websites are complex with many layers. Therefore, it is imperative you see professional assistance. 

Don’t let your business fail because your DIY website builder is not generating the necessarily leads for a positive revenue flow.

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