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We live in an age where a website has become an indispensable tool for marketing one’s business. The existence of more than a billion websites today attests to that fact. It’s hard to imagine having a business without a digital interface for your potential customers.

As you know, a business’s site has to be customer-friendly in all respects to become an effective business tool. You may be offering top-notch products and services, but if the people visiting your website don’t get a good experience exploring it, you cannot expect them to give you the leads and conversions your business needs.

Give your visitors the customer experience they deserve when exploring your services or products, and they will likely stay longer and may just give you those conversions, which are primarily the reason your website exists.

Improving customer experience for people who get to your website can be done through your web design. Here are some web design practices that can help make the customer experience better for your visitors.

Boost page loading speed.

There is nothing more frustrating for anyone who accesses the Internet every day than a slow-loading web page. Considering how just about everybody seems to be in a hurry, a web page that takes more than three seconds to load is already considered slow makes for bad customer experience. Poor experience most likely results in potential lead leaving your site.

You can speed up your website by making some tweaks to your script, cache, and image compression. If you can limit or even eliminate the use of carousels or sliders, then that will give your page loading speed a boost, too. Other technical adjustments that can help speed things up to include leaving more whitespace and disabling video auto-play while showcasing multimedia elements.

Improve navigation.

Internet users love exploring with intuitive and effortless navigation by making your website easy and convenient as possible. This can be accomplished by integrating key aspects of your website into the footer. This approach affords the user to find all of the relevant content on your site. More importantly, internal linking will boost your SEO. All its navigational elements should also be clear and well-organized. Drop-down menus, anchored navigation bars, and a working search feature will also make things so much easier for them.

Always keep in mind that the slightest indication your navigation is a mess will only annoy your visitors and make them drop everything and bounce off to another site. In all likelihood, they will go for a rival company that offers the same products or services as you.

Make your homepage as appealing as possible.

If a website were a book, then its homepage is, by all means, its cover. Your homepage is typically the first page of your website that people set their eyes on, and it needs to look its best at all times because, whether we like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover. So if you can use great-looking photos and bold fonts that are easy to read, incorporate interactive elements into your homepage, and give it a clean, uncluttered layout, then you’ll have an eye-catching homepage that will surely draw in people.

Make the purchasing process more streamlined.

The primary goal of an ecommerce site is to sell products. However, the way some ecommerce sites are organized are horrible. Which makes the buying process a tedious one, often to the point where customers just abandon their shopping carts out of frustration. 

More importantly, website builders give business owners false hope. Godaddy or Wix or even Weebly may be cheap and easy to use. But your business will likely suffer. Read more regarding why cheap website builders can harm your business’s growth.

If buying your products requires your customers to jump through numerous hoops, then your entire purchasing process needs serious reconsideration. No customers get a great experience if buying your products entails providing tons of information about themselves or going through countless identity checks.

If you want to improve customer experience for those who explore Shopify or WooCommerce.  This will help streamline the entire purchasing process.

Mobile-friendly web design is a must.

The world we live in is a mobile one. There are now more mobile users than desktop users. More often than not, they use—almost exclusively—their phones and tablets to shop for goods and services online.

If your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly design, and mobile users access it on their devices, then don’t expect it to display well on their much smaller screens. If you’re lucky, they will make an effort to zoom in to see what you have to offer more clearly. However, in all likelihood, they’ll just take a cue from the bad customer experience they will surely have trying to explore your non-mobile-friendly site and bounce off to your mobile-friendly competition.

Missing out on huge potential sales simply because you don’t have a mobile-friendly site is probably one of the sorriest things that could happen to an entrepreneur. Avoid being in that situation by going for a responsive WordPress web design.

With a responsive WordPress design, your business will be more attractive to mobile users and with the superb customer experience your chances of getting the conversions you need will only get better.

These are just some of the various ways that you can use web design to improve customer experience. It’s easy to think that web design is all about making a website look pretty, but it’s so much more than that. As this article points out, web design is crucial to your efforts to provide first-rate customer experience. So make the necessary changes to your web design if you haven’t already, and see where it takes your business.

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Failure to Launch Your Business with a DIY Website Builder https://hilartech.com/failure-to-launch-your-business-with-a-diy-website-builder/ Wed, 08 Apr 2020 04:21:33 +0000 https://hilartech.com/?p=9494 The post Failure to Launch Your Business with a DIY Website Builder appeared first on #1 Digital Advertising & Web Design Agency | Hilartech, LLC.


If you are reading this article there is a solid chance your website is failing right now.

Why do I know this? You have most likely built your website yourself.

Is this true? If you have not and are one of the lucky ones who had a website design correctly from the beginning.

I would commend you letting the technical experts handle one of the most important sales tool that help acquire new clients for you, your website.

Ideally business owners should stick to running their business instead of trying to be seo & web design expert.

Just because there are web design companies like cheap DIY website builder services like WIX, Godaddy, Weebly, Squarespace, and many others, doesn’t necessarily mean your website will perform well.

I know, these DIY website services only cost around $10 to 20 month. 

Yes, this makes the web design process very affordable. 

Especially when you are tring to keep your business expenses low.

Don't fail as a business owner...

This is where most business owners fall into this vortex of trying to become a web design expert overnight by thinking that they can build a website.

This wild idea that customers will automatically flock to their website to purchase their products and services.

Wrong. This is a work of pure fiction.

This is unrealistic because they do not know the first thing about web design theory and technical search engine optimization (SEO) requirements and cutting-edge Google ranking techniques like On Page & Off Page SEO.

I am not trying to offend or cast judgement, but if I wanted to start an electrician business.

I wouldn’t put an advertisement in the paper that offers electrical services without having a complete understanding of Alternating Current and electrical design.

More importantly, there are certain industry level certifications required before one can call themselves an Electrician.

This is very similar to the backbone of your website.

The intricacies that create the backbone of a website is made up of hundereds if not, thousands of  interconnected contextual links reinforcing call to action funnels. 

If you do not have your website build on a solid foundation, it will underperform every time.

I cannot stress this enough; SEO is an absolute must have for a website to perform correctly in today’s online ecosystem.

Well, from my 20 plus years of digital marketing and web design experience, I have yet to meet a business owner who designs their own website with one of these DIY website design platforms and is crushing their competition.

Now, I am not saying that these mainstream DIY website design services are bad.

I am saying that I have not met a single business owner who knows how to incorporate each aspect of SEO fundamentals required by Google that ensure their website will be competitive against their respective niche market.

There are countless technical factors that is causing their website to fail.

There are three main reasons why business owners don’t see the results they imagined:

  1. The website was put together without the understanding the fundamentals of web design theory (Websites have a specific layout that Google bots love. If your website’s structured data is not formatted correctly, Google will not index or recognize the content on your website)
  2. The website’s code is not optimized for correctly for Google & Bing search engines (I will talk more about this later in the article)
  3. Most of all, the website does not have On Page & Off Page SEO, you will likely not get any traffic to your website. This process is more of an art form. This will be discussed in detail in the next few chapters.

Websites are complex with many layers. Therefore, it is imperative you see professional assistance. 

Don’t let your business fail because your DIY website builder is not generating the necessarily leads for a positive revenue flow.

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What is Considered Quality Website Content? https://hilartech.com/considered-quality-website-content/ Wed, 01 Apr 2020 04:06:35 +0000 https://hilartech.com/?p=9461 The post What is Considered Quality Website Content? appeared first on #1 Digital Advertising & Web Design Agency | Hilartech, LLC.


Quality website content, aka web copy or copywriting can be many things to many people. What you might consider to be quality website content depends upon your perspective, what you are looking for in the website, and a number of other things.

There are some general themes that most may be able to agree on like consistency of the message and coherence, technical qualities such as proper grammar and accuracy in description, and a neat format when the website content is displayed.

For example, take a look at this Food Truck website, the content is displayed evenly and coherently.

The website content should convey its purpose well, and work properly.

There are also some negative aspects. For example, a website should not be tacky or have low quality feel to it.

However, the quality of the content is largely subjective and based upon the interpretation of those viewing the website.

Is Your Content Coherent?

What is a quality website? It first must be coherent. This means that the content and the themes of the website have a meaning that is represented throughout the website.

The home page should have information related to the subject of the website, and each subsequently available page should have similar subject matter.

 If the subject matter is different, tha is ok, as long as it is explained or has a purpose. If a website is for the purpose of having information on multiple subjects, that’s fine.

 Coherency, in the case of a multi-subject website, would mean that all the subjects desired are present; the website doesn’t only have one subject while saying that it has many.

If the page is about a certain type of product, then having a random page about a totally unrelated subject that never explains its presents or relates to the theme of the website might degrade the quality of the website, and potentially reduce the quality of the users experience.

For example, this law firm web design is coherent, it is very clear that it is a law firm offering a variety of legal services.           

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Do You Have Poor Grammer?

The grammar used in any text that may appear on the website should be correct. The text must also have proper punctuation and spelling.

 Good syntax doesn’t hurt either. The message conveyed should be clear and well worded.

When something is described or explained on the website, the description or explanation should be accurate with regard to the subject matter the author sought to convey.

Is Your Content Consistent?

Consistency is another important consideration. The website must be consistent throughout in its presentation. The font should be the same, for each part of the page on each different page.

For example if each page has a side bar with the same words and links in it, then the side bar should have the same format on each page in which it appears.

The same goes for paragraph headings and text, unless the designer or owner has made a conscientious choice to deviate from this.

Again, many aspects of a website can be of a high quality while deviating from any number of rules about what makes a good website, because the quality of a website is subjective from the point of view of both the owner and the user.

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Don’t Get Penalized by Google or Bing for Unnatural or Fake Link Building https://hilartech.com/dont-get-penalized-google-bing-unnatural-fake-link-building/ Wed, 01 Apr 2020 03:44:30 +0000 https://hilartech.com/?p=9456 The post Don’t Get Penalized by Google or Bing for Unnatural or Fake Link Building appeared first on #1 Digital Advertising & Web Design Agency | Hilartech, LLC.


There are a number of ways to get penalized by search engine websites like Google or Bing. The way these sites work is by indexing a large number of web pages, that they then make searchable within their database.

A user comes to Google, Bing, or a number of other search engine websites, and inputs their search criteria.

The search engine then looks through its database, using an algorithm to determine which of the indexed websites the user most likely meant to find.

It then ranks these websites by a system of values based on the attributes of the websites.

For example, to be included in a search for term x, the website must include the term x in its content in some manner. However, that just gets it into the pool of results.

Where it falls in the ranking is determined by several other factors, one of which is how many other websites have links to the website in question.

The search engine then displays these results. Some websites attempt to boost their ranking within the search results by optimizing their content for the search engines algorithm.

This can be done by including the types of key words that the target audience of the website is likely to be utilizing in their searches. It can also be done by increasing the number of other websites that have links to the website in question. However, some search engines have rules about what kind of optimization is permissible.

Unnatural Link Building

One way that search engines determine the value of a website is by examining the number of other websites that have links to the website whose ranking the search engine is attempting to discern.

Natural links from one website to another are those that are created for the purpose of presenting the content in a useful way.

For example, a website about cameras might contain a link to another website where one can purchase similar cameras to those described on the first website.

This is a natural link. It exists for the purpose of making it easier for the user of the website to find cameras, which they were just reading about on the first website.

Unnatural links are those, which do not have this purpose.

Unnatural links often exist on websites with a large number of links to many websites, that the owners of the linked sites pay to have present on the linking website.

The website with all of the links exists only to have links, and there is no reason for this other than that it will increase the search engine rank of the website that is linked to.

Some search engines penalize the website for this by lowering its ranking in the search results.

The ranking in the search results is critically important because few people go very far into the pages presented by the engine, with many people stopping at the first page of results.

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In conclusion

To avoid being penalized by Google or Bing in this manner, avoid paying for links from link-based sites that only exist for SEO.

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10 Tips on How to Launch an eBook https://hilartech.com/10-tips-on-how-to-launch-an-ebook/ Sun, 22 Mar 2020 00:32:33 +0000 https://hilartech.com/?p=9431 The post 10 Tips on How to Launch an eBook appeared first on #1 Digital Advertising & Web Design Agency | Hilartech, LLC.


Launching an eBook is a great way to build your online reputation and provide an additional source of income. But if you are writing your first eBook, you may get overwhelmed by the process.

Monetizing your website doesn’t have to be a devil of a job. With a little guidance, you can showcase your knowledge in an economical and simplified way without hassle.

Here are ten tips on how to successfully launch an eBook.

1. Start with creating a goal

Before beginning to write, think about your business objectives and what this eBook can do for your blog or your business. Are you trying to fulfill your creative potential, create a stream of income, or grow your authority within the industry?

Also, set a reasonable publishing goal. It will keep you focused and productive.

Writing an eBook requires consistency and commitment. Find a writing schedule that suits you and stick to it, whether it is late in the evening or before the sun rises.

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2. Write an eBook about a subject you are passionate about

Start by asking yourself what you are passionate about and what’s your specialty. Creating an eBook around a topic that is related to your blog is essential.

What your clients or customers ask you the most and how you can help other people with your eBook are helpful starting points too.

Use your unique perspective on the matter when writing. Discuss the things you are writing about from a personal view to avoid dry content.

3. Hire professionals to help you out

If you are not a graphic designer, hire someone. Remember that your cover is probably the first thing your readers will see and make their impression on your book upon it.

This means the cover has to be as good as the content. If you want that “awe” effect make sure to hire a professional.

The digital content design company Infostarters offers both stunning design and inspiring textual content.

This passionate team can do the research for you and create the content based on your ideas, or provide you with outstanding illustrations if you have prepared the content yourself.

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4. Offer a pre-launch discount to your email subscribers

Adding exclusive deals to your email list sweetens the offer for prospective buyers. Drawing your audience’s attention is vital to make sure the official launch is a success.

Also, your email subscribers are the people that already showed interest in your work, so they are more likely to purchase your eBook.

And of course, for all of this to happen – you need to build a pre-launch email list.

5. Find a way to reward your buyers

One of the most effective sales tactics is finding a way to give your customers more than they have paid for. Adding bonuses is an excellent way to encourage people to make the purchase.

To maximize sales, increase the overall value of your eBook by giving away the bonuses for free.

A great bonus has to be beneficial and related to the book you are selling. Turning browsers into buyers is easier when you sweeten the pot by offering rewards that complement your main product.

6. Get to know your audience

To promote your product to as many potential readers as possible, you will have to research the people who make the critical audience of your eBook.

Getting to know your target audience will help you appealingly address them and identify the places where you can reach them.

If you are writing a cookbook, check out food blogs and recipe sites. If you are writing for a younger crowd, turn to Instagram and Snapchat.

7. Send pitches to influencers and mentioned sources

Reach out to other bloggers and authorities in the industry and let them read your eBook before the official release. Buzzsumo can help you find relevant influencers in a given topic.

Also, create a list of everyone you mentioned in your book.

Once you’ve gathered the lists, let the influencers and mentioned sources know about your new offering before the book is launched. Ask them to review your work and give feedback before publishing.

The feedback you receive can be a significant boost to your content – you can use it as a part of your book promotion.

8. Improve the visibility of your eBook

Don’t forget to optimize metadata to improve your search rankings. The easiest way to boost the visibility of your eBook is to carefully craft the title of the book, keywords, description, and tags.

Unique, engaging, and informative metadata will help you differentiate from the crowd.

To keep your sales going strong, consider writing guest posts on your eBook topic, and try advertising on social media. Creating a landing page for your new eBook is a must.

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9. Submit your eBook to the right sites

There are plenty of free websites that will feature your eBook on their page. Your book can be displayed as a part of a daily list or in a newsletter.

Consider submitting to social bookmarking sites like Product Hunt where people share the best new products. This online community can help you drive more traffic and boost sales.

If you opt to sell your eBook directly to your audience, Selz is the e-commerce platform that will help you sell your product using multiple channels.

10. Create a buzz about the upcoming launch

Building anticipation and momentum is important when your launch is approaching. Create hype amongst your audience by publishing a couple of posts about the new ebook before it is officially on sale.

This allows your readers to notify other people that might be interested in your work about an upcoming book.

You can broadcast live videos showing behind the scenes, for instance, in your workspace.

Sharing your creative process with your audience in a blog post is a smart way to include them in the process and spread the word about your eBook.

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10 Technologies That Will Transform The Restaurant Industry https://hilartech.com/10-technologies-will-transform-restaurant-industry/ Sun, 23 Feb 2020 04:34:44 +0000 https://hilartech.com/?p=9227 The post 10 Technologies That Will Transform The Restaurant Industry appeared first on #1 Digital Advertising & Web Design Agency | Hilartech, LLC.


The restaurant industry has grown significantly over the years. The main reason restaurants have integrated modern technology, which is affecting every industry today, thus forcing local food businesses to adapt. Those who fail to adapt will soon lose their relevance and competitiveness.

Every time there’s a new technology on the market, industries rush to implement it. For example, East24 or Gubhub. These online ordering apps have revolutionized the food industry. Businesses don’t even have to invest money to gain access to online ordering. It is imperative restaurants adapt to emerging trends. Technology influences consumers behavior and purchasing decisions. If you’re unable to deliver on customer expectations, they won’t hesitate to abandon your business.

The restaurant industry is no exception in this ongoing trend. Technology, although disruptive at first, became mandatory in the entire restaurant industry. However, this is not just because consumers expect it but also because technology can bring numerous benefits and advantages to restaurants. With that in mind, here are a few technologies that will transform the restaurant industry.

Big Data Analysis

Every market today is highly competitive and crowded. Restaurants struggle to win over customers even with effective marketing campaigns. That’s why big data analysis should be a part of every restaurant’s marketing strategy.

The way it works is that food companies leverage information online through advanced analytics to predict market trends, consumer behavior and preferences. They later use that information to enhance their offers, create unique selling propositions and empower their marketing efforts, especially when coupled with coversion rate optimization.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the main buzzword lately. Although still in development, AI implementation in various processes can already be found throughout various industries, restaurants included. The most common example of AI in business processes is chatbots.

Even restaurants use these AI-powered computer programs that exist on messaging apps to provide better service and support to their customers. Chatbots can mimic human language and behavior, which makes them ideal representatives for most businesses. More importantly, leverage time to their advantage. Chatbots help automate common questions, like, What time are you open on Friday? With Chatbots, it will provide an automated response, for example, We open at 9am. This simple function, frees up the employee at any restaurant from answering a routine question by a potential customer.

Points of Sale

Modern technology has revolutionized points of sale in restaurants. Customers no longer have to sit and wait for the waiter to order food nor do they have to wait for the waiter to pay for their meals. As a matter of fact, self-service kiosks are taking over.

You can simply pick a meal, order and pay for it without having to worry about a staff member attending to it. You can also connect to the kiosk using your own mobile device and conduct the process from there. It’s convenient for customers and restaurants can serve more customers without overspending on labor costs.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile traffic has surpassed that of the desktop for some time now. To serve mobile users the right way, restaurants develop mobile apps. Food delivery apps are the most popular forms of apps developed by restaurants. Just like what I mentioned earlier, Eat24 & Grubhub.

Customers can order meals whenever they feel like it and have those meals delivered to their homes as seamlessly as possible. Moreover, consumers can also leverage GPS technology provided in the apps to track their orders at all times.

Online Payments

Cash and credit card payments are still an option but they’re losing popularity fast. Nowadays, restaurants provide a new level of convenience in the form of online mobile payments, for example, with payment platforms, like Square & Venmo.

Consumers can pay for their meals using their mobile device and their preferred method of payment. Payment processing is fast and efficient, as well as convenient, and customers don’t have to wait for a receipt.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the latest technologies that’s transforming the restaurant industry. Customers tend to be curious about various meals but they surely won’t order every meal on the menu just to satisfy their curiosity.

AR provides a solution as customers can see the meal in real-time without ordering it. The visual representation of the meal is as important as the taste. In fact, visually appealing meals make customers believe that they taste 29% better and they will be willing to pay up to three times more for such a meal.

Predictive Technology

Staffing, inventory, supplies and other factors are just a few things restaurants constantly struggle with. You never know how many people will show up or if you’ll have enough groceries to serve everyone. Fortunately, predictive technology is here to help.

Predictive technology comes in the form of a software solution powered by AI. Restaurants can use analytics to predict necessities based on previous sales history and ordering patterns. That way, restaurants can accurately predict staff, supplies and other factors for a week in advance.

Digital Inventory

Inventory is yet another factor that restaurants oftentimes struggle with. You have to ensure that items don’t fall below the bare minimum before resupplying. Moreover, you have to keep an eye on inventory and prevent potential employee thefts.

Digital inventory can solve all of those problems and more. As a matter of fact, with digital inventory, you can schedule regular reports, automate orders and even get notifications about the state of the inventory on a regular basis. This makes inventory management much more efficient and seamless.

Digital Menus

Paper menus are slowly but surely becoming obsolete. Nowadays, restaurants operate in a dynamic environment, which means you have to adjust your menu accordingly in any given situation. This can mean a couple of times per day.

Digital menus are the answer that will transform the industry. Managers can adjust the offers, prices, specials and many more to better serve their customers and make the best of any time of the day.


Robots in restaurants seem like something straight out of the science-fiction novel but it’s closer to the reality than we think. Robotics, as a concept, can be found in various restaurants already.

Robotic chefs that cook meals based on the ingredients customers have chosen, robotic bartenders that shake your cocktails the right way and many more technological innovations are making their way into the restaurant industry. This trend is gaining momentum and may soon be a common sight in every restaurant.

In Conclusion

Technology is transforming every industry today, not just restaurants. Technology is meant to provide benefits, convenience and advantages to both businesses and consumers. For restaurants all over the world, it’s as good a time as any to capitalize on modern technology.

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The Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization https://hilartech.com/importance-conversion-rate-optimization/ Sun, 16 Feb 2020 10:50:54 +0000 https://hilartech.com/?p=9203 The post The Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization appeared first on #1 Digital Advertising & Web Design Agency | Hilartech, LLC.


Every business, brand or enterprise wants to ensure good profitability. The main goal is to maximize profits while minimizing expenses. However, there cannot be any profits without customers. But to get customers, you must encourage leads to convert in the first place. That’s easier said than done, unfortunately.

More often than not, business owners expect that leads will make purchases straight away. After all, they’ve landed on your website, which means they are ready to buy, right? Not really. Consumers prefer to conduct research before they decide what to do next.

Therefore, even if an organic lead has landed on your website, they’re most likely comparing prices, looking for informative content or getting familiarized with your products or services in detail.

To encourage leads to convert, businesses oftentimes rely on conversion rate optimization, also referred to as CRO. This strategy focuses on optimizing marketing efforts, reducing acquisition costs and maximizing sales through conversions. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why CRO is so important.

Lead acquisition

The important factor that CRO does is helping you acquire more qualified leads. What that means is that consumers will be more willing to convert when they arrive on your website. In other words, you’re increasing the number of target customers on your website, not just increasing the web traffic, in general. For example, you’re not just relying on exceptional web design to impress visitors.

In fact, you’re already helping leads familiarize themselves with your products and services throughout their buyer’s journey while leading them down your sales funnel, which ends on your website. Therefore, with CRO, your leads are already informed and nurtured when they land on your pages which drastically increases the chances of conversions.

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Optimizes advertisement costs

A lot of businesses create a budget for a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign that will drive more relevant leads their way. It’s no secret that the costs for such advertisement campaigns, such as Google AdWords, for instance, are skyrocketing.

The main reason is that the market is growing to be more crowded and more competitive than ever. Naturally, you want the best results with the best ROI if you’re going to invest in advertisements. CRO can help you with that.

The way it works is that it helps you understand your customers quite well. You must understand their behavior, preferences, purchasing decisions and intent so that you can target them the best way possible. With CRO, you’ll be able to opt for the right campaign that will not just be cost-effective but also able to drive conversions the way you need them to.

Improve marketing efficiency

Digital marketing is becoming more and more complex each year. Again, the main reason is the market being overcrowded and highly competitive. With so many businesses and various offers going about, consumers can pretty much pick whatever they want.

However, you want them to pick your business over that of your competitors. This is where CRO comes in to play. Consumers generally have short attention spans and they will opt for offers that seem best to them right then and there in most cases.

With the right CRO tool in hand, you can maximize your marketing efficiency and target customers with just the right amount of personalization and customization that will pique their interest. Whether you’re targeting potential leads via email, social media or any other means, you have to target them with the right messages.

Boost retention rate

Optimizing conversions is not just about acquiring new customers. As important it is to have as many customers as you can get your hands on, it’s equally, if not, more important to retain those customers. CRO helps with retention as well as with the acquisition of customers.

Leads need to be nurtured even after they convert. The main reason is that it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than it costs to retain one. Moreover, repeat customers have a tendency to spend up to 67% more than new customers.

Therefore, by using CRO to boost retention rate by just 5%, you can improve your company’s profitability between 75% and 95%. As mentioned before, it’s the goal of every business to improve profitability as much as possible, which is why CRO is vital in such matters.

Creates a unique environment for consumers

When it comes to optimizing conversion rates, it’s not just the marketing tactics and messages that seal the deal. Optimizing conversions also means providing customers with exceptional customer experience and creating a unique environment where they can decide to take the desired action seamlessly.

Let’s take your website as the main point of sale for example. No matter how effective your marketing that led potential customers to your website was, their journey isn’t finished yet. They still have time to browse your website and check your offers before they convert.

It’d be a real shame if they were to give up here. That’s why your website needs to be a unique environment with an exceptional experience. Therefore, tend to the consumer needs and expectations with CRO and you won’t make a mistake. For instance, here are a few things to focus on so that you can encourage leads to convert:

  • Ensure fast page loading time and website speed
  • Provide leads with informative and quality content
  • Make your website mobile-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Implement proper security measures
  • Focus on customer service and support on your website

CRO is a strategy that all businesses should leverage. It helps you ensure that your leads will ultimately become your customers by converting at the end of their journey. That’s why CRO is vital in today’s competitive and oversaturated market where every customer counts.

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10 SEO Trends That Will Matter Most in 2020 https://hilartech.com/10-seo-trends-that-will-matter-most-in-2020/ Mon, 03 Feb 2020 00:24:03 +0000 https://hilartech.com/?p=9186 The post 10 SEO Trends That Will Matter Most in 2020 appeared first on #1 Digital Advertising & Web Design Agency | Hilartech, LLC.


Search engine optimization has grabbed a lot of attention in recent years and is becoming an essential part of every business’ marketing strategy. However, with its rise in popularity, new methods and ideas are constantly being developed that are impacting how SEO functions. Additionally, the world we live in is also changing at incredible speeds, which means the way we conduct business is also changing. All of these things are impacting the world of SEO marketing which is constantly evolving. So, in order to help you out, today we are going to take a look at 10 SEO trends that will matter most in 2020.

1. Planning Ahead

Planning ahead has always been one of the most important keys to success. While SEO used to be able to be additionally integrated into a business’s marketing strategy, nowadays, it has to be taken into account from the moment you set up your business. This is because most other aspects of your business will have a direct impact on its performance and if they aren’t taken into account, you may not be able to see the results you want. So, if you want to get good results, you will have to make good concrete plans of how your business is going to develop and ultimately how all of it will impact your SEO performance.

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2. Figuring out what others are doing

With so many businesses making use of SEO, it’s only reasonable to assume that their decisions will also impact you and your SEO performance. This means that you will have to research your competition and accordingly adjust your plans. Additionally, by doing this, you will be able to get vital insight and may even find out something new that will help you improve.

3. Increased focus on mobile

It’s important to note that more than 50% of website traffic worldwide comes from mobile phones. This means that the majority of people will be viewing your website from a phone so you need to make sure your website functions on it as well if not better than on a desktop computer. If you aren’t optimized for mobile you run the risk of losing a lot of potential customers and significantly decreasing the performance of your SEO. Because of this, focusing on delivering a positive mobile experience should be every businesses priority.

4. Longer and better content

All search engines have increased the requirement for high-quality content. Simply put, the better and more informative your content is, the more clicks you will get and through this, your SEO will perform better. However, while the increased need for quality has been happening for a few years, recently, there’s also been a focus on longer content. In other words, quantity has also become an important factor when it comes to making content that will generate the most buzz.

5. Voice Search

Voice search and the technology that powers it has seen major improvements over the past couple of years. With more and more searches coming from voice search, companies need to start improving their voice search optimization. This means focusing more on long-tail keywords as by nature, voice searches are longer and more conversational.voice seo, google voice search

6. Video Content

Videos have become the preferred way for customers and people in general to view content. They stimulate most of their senses while also requiring substantially less effort to follow than reading a text. They also represent a great way to diversify your content and draw in more potential customers.

This means more and more marketers will turn towards trying to integrate video content in their marketing strategy as it will increase their reach, especially with most social media platforms also adopting video content as the way forward.


7. Outsourcing

Marketing experts are predicting that people will spend almost 80 billion dollars on SEO in 2020. With this amount of money and many new difficulties and trends arising, there is undoubtedly an increasing need for professionals who know what they are doing. This is where outsourcing your SEO needs in the form of white label SEO comes in. In short, white label SEO represents a form of partnership where companies that want to sell products or services team up with a company that will take care of their marketing needs. This partnership is beneficial for both businesses as the first one can focus on others things such as improving their products or designing a new one while the other one can focus solely on how to maximise the performance of their SEO.


Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or, in short, BERT is a tool that was released by Google last year. Essentially, it’s aimed at understanding the intent behind search queries in order to help end-users find useful information related to their searches. This is having a fundamental impact on how all aspects of SEO operate. Google will understand what the text is about based on other words, on how they’re connected in this and other sentences, and other factors. This means content will start to move towards what users really want to hear instead of trying to make content around specific keywords.

9. Digital experience

Digital experience is another SEO trend that’s set to have a bigger ranking impact in 2020. It shows how comfortable and satisfied users feel when on your site and includes things such as website speed, ease of navigation and the design of your website. In other words, even if you have great and optimized content, you’ll fall behind if people feel uncomfortable when visiting the site.

10. Local SEO

Local SEO refers to the process of ‘optimizing’ your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches. Most small businesses are primarily concerned with the local area they operate in, which means this is the area they should be focusing on. Recently, Google has released a lot of updates that are aimed to improve how this system works and making sure you are optimizing your local SEO will be a key trend to watch out for if you want to succeed in 2020.


The world of SEO is experiencing rapid and constant changes. The trends talked about here are some of the biggest and most important ones you need to take into account if you want to improve your SEO results going into 2020.

Peter Minkoff is a social media and business writer at OffTheMRKT magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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Tips on How to get a Business Logo Design for Your Website https://hilartech.com/business-logo-designs-for-your-website/ Sun, 15 Dec 2019 00:40:38 +0000 https://hilartech.com/?p=9037 The post Tips on How to get a Business Logo Design for Your Website appeared first on #1 Digital Advertising & Web Design Agency | Hilartech, LLC.


Below is a guide to a typical logo design process

The design of your logo is a big deal since it’s an essential part of any given brand, including website and marketing collateral. 

It can be a frightening process if you have never designed a logo before. But the emerging second decade of the XXI century and striving gig economy possibilities to get a rad logotypes are endless.

Here is a quick overview:

  • Widely known branding agencies out there (dull)
  • Your local agency (e.g., hilartech.com – serving Greater Rochester, New York)
  • Independent artists on Dribbble.com (the quality and price range varies greatly though) or Upwork
  • Search DIY logo templates on numerous directories out there
  • Or maybe even design one all by yourself 🙂

Whatever route you choose, understanding some core principles of logo design will help a great deal.

Below is a guide to a typical logo design process. 

Find the Right Inspiration

Designing a logo is much easier than you think. 

However, you should take the time to find inspiration at the beginning stages. This way, you have time to collect different ideas, and you will know more clearly which designs you like and which ones you don’t. 

When you take the time to find inspiration, you will have a better idea of which direction to take with your logo design.

Luckily, there are many logo designs to inspire you with new ideas. 

Finding good examples of logo design is quite easy if you know where to look. You will want to collect at least three design references that you will like the most.

I always start with Dribbble, searching for terms like “restaurant logo.”

There are also sites such as logodesign.net, which presents many free graphics and ready-made samples of logos, ready to use for your business website. You don’t need to buy any of them, just choose the one that best suits your business site.

By taking the time to figure out various design and graphic concepts, you will be able to start the process of logo development on the right foot.

You will be able to create something similar without being disappointed or confusion about where to start. Remember to collect at least three creative examples that talk to you and could suit your business.

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Identify Three Colors That Reflect Your Website

The choice of color for your logo design does not need to be complicated. 

If you already have brand guidelines, use these colors for your logo. You may have to change the colors a bit as you develop your logo design, but it is with these branded colors that you should start with.

However, if you don’t have a pre-defined branding preference or website color that you can work with – don’t worry. 

Instead, you will need some time to find the right colors suited to your niche, industry, and target audience. 

  • Therefore, if your company operates in the automotive industry, focusing mainly on older men, you will want to choose colors that may be darker or of a more vibrant tone. 
  • If you work in the beauty industry and target a younger female audience, then choosing lighter colors, perhaps even metallic ones, maybe better.
  • Another example could be if you work in the automotive industry, but target younger people, a darker and more masculine palette may not work as well as a lighter and more vibrant one. It’s not just about the industry. 

It’s about the whole picture, which includes your niche and target audience.

  • Another example is if you work in the beauty industry, but are aimed at men. In this case, light pink or yellow may not be the right colors. 

Ultimately, you should do your research and choose colors accordingly.

You can use the websites mentioned in the first step to finding the right color. Besides, Pinterest is an excellent source of color inspiration and niche research.

You should also try to think about your colors more broadly, that is, how these colors can be used on your website as a whole, not just for the actual design of your logo. 

That is because your logo design will influence your brand as a whole.

Choose Your Logo Design Style

As you will probably notice when looking for inspiration, logos come in a variety of styles. There are many different styles or types of logos

But the two most essential logos are either 

  1. the text-based ones, much like Disney or Google, 
  2. or symbolic logos, like Instagram or Nike.

There are also some cases when a logo combines these two types — for example, Domino’s or Target. Either way, you should choose the type of logo design that best suits you and your business.

Besides, there are different styles of visual design, such as a more retro logo design. There are also ultra-modern, minimalist, classic styles, as well as many various other shapes.

Let’s talk about the shape of the logo first. 

  • Fantastic round logos, especially in the form of separate symbols, are great as avatars on social networks and work well with other graphic elements. Circles are cohesive and inclusive shapes. They have a central focus and are usually accessible on the eyes. 
  • Rectangular logos are also compelling. Square shapes feel reliable and durable, giving the logo a sense of strength and stability.

Be also aware of the different styles of logo design, like minimalistic or more classic styles. To choose the right manner, you should take note of two things.

First, consider your niche, your business, and your target audience. Much like color choice, you may need some time to understand which visual style is right for your web page. 

If you want to sell modern bedroom furniture, think about the design of a current logo rather than a more retro design.

Secondly, think about your preferences. You should also like the logo that you are designing. Take inspiration from the pieces that you have collected in the first step and follow the example of the logo design that you like.

Find the Right Font

If you are developing a logo with a text element, you will have to choose a font suitable for it.website fonts

There is no shortage of fonts find the perfect one. 

If you’re looking for a free font (and easy to install on the website), you can start with Google fonts. The only downside is that their font collection is so widely used by many websites, companies, and designers.

If you are considering buying a unique font for your logo, consider purchasing a low-cost font at a place like Creative Market. They have a lot of fantastic custom fonts that won’t break your budget. 

Another alternative is to browse the Behance website, which has many custom fonts to download. Some of them may cost you, but many of them are free and made by very talented designers.

When you are looking for a font for your logo, remember the style of your typeface. The font must match the overall look and feel of your logo. If you choose a cutting-edge logo style, choose a cutting-edge font. 

Otherwise, your logo will not look the way you would like it to look and lose its appeal.

Unfortunately, getting the perfect logo can take several attempts. 

Especially if you are developing a logo for the first time, as with most skills, it takes time and practice to succeed (you might also get hooked on the process and consider a web designer career altogether, hah). 

So if you don’t succeed with your first try, its ok. You just have to try again.

Most professional designers don’t get the right logo on their first try, because the design is an entirely iterative process. So don’t get discouraged too much. If you are dissatisfied with the design of your logo, you have two options:

  1. Repeat the iterations on your project.
  2. Start from scratch and try again.

To your massive success!

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Tips for Making Your Web Design Look More Professional https://hilartech.com/tips-for-making-your-web-design-look-more-professional/ Sat, 07 Dec 2019 01:03:36 +0000 https://hilartech.com/?p=9000 The post Tips for Making Your Web Design Look More Professional appeared first on #1 Digital Advertising & Web Design Agency | Hilartech, LLC.


Professional website matter...

It’s true that your website is yours to do with as you please. Whatever you decide to do with the web design, for example, is ultimately your call. However, you should always keep in mind why you created the website in the first place.

If it’s for business, then the least you can do is make it look professional. After all, your website is the face of your business over the Internet, and you would want your customers, partners, and suppliers to see your business in the best possible light.

In the world of modern web design, making your website utterly professional in every aspect is easy. Let’s take a look at some tips that would give your business website a more professional appearance.

Keep your web design simple.

A website with a spectacular web design will always be attractive. Some great-looking websites, however, tend to be visually overwhelming, especially when their web designers overdo it with the use of drop shadows, borders, and color. With too many flashy design elements in play, these websites end up looking cluttered and cramped.

Try keeping your web design as simple as you can make it. Retaining a considerable amount of whitespace is a good idea, as it gives a page more breathing room for its content and design elements. Web pages with plenty of whitespace are also typically easier on the eyes.

Improve navigation.

A great-looking website doesn’t matter one bit if navigating it frustrates people. A website that’s tough to explore because of the absence of a working search feature or clearly divided categories wastes people’s time, and there’s certainly nothing professional about that.

If you spend a little more time on making navigation easier, like putting in a functioning search tool, dividing categories clearly, and making navigation elements clickable, your website would look and feel professional. Visitors won’t be bouncing off to another site after only a few seconds out of frustration.

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Using the right fonts matter...

Do you remember the fonts used by some websites from way back in the 1990s? For some reason, some webmasters loved using Comic Sans for their content. While there’s nothing wrong with Comic Sans per se, it just happens to be a font that doesn’t scream “professional” in any way.

Thankfully, webmasters these days are no longer that whimsical when it comes to their font use.

When choosing fonts, you should always consider the nature of your business. Unless you’re running a website for a party clown hosting business or something that’s just as fun and entertaining, it’s always best to go for more formal and businesslike fonts. It’s just more professional that way.

Making the font for your content large enough to read also goes a long way in achieving a more professional look for your site. The same goes for using larger fonts for headings, subheadings, and titles.

Use nothing but high-quality images.

Few things are more annoying than a website with low-quality images. Low-resolution photographs make your website look like the work of an amateur, and you wouldn’t want that tag attached to the face of your business online.

Always put up big, stunning, and high-quality photos on your website. If possible, use original images taken by a professional photographer. Better yet, have a good graphic designer tinker with the shots a bit to make them even more stunning. With high-quality images on your website, your site will look very impressive and professional.

Well-written content exudes professionalism.

A website may have the simplest design, but superbly-written content will more than compensate for it.

Visitors will undoubtedly appreciate articles or posts that have zero grammatical and spelling errors. And they will love them if they also happen to be useful, relevant, and engaging.

Written content of high quality will always be an unmistakable mark of professionalism, so make sure your website has plenty of it. If you’re a splendid writer yourself, then do your own content. If you’re not that confident about your writing ability, then hire professional writers who offer their services online.

Color coordination is key.

Some websites use just one color, while others have more than one color in their web design. If you’re going the latter route, make sure you choose colors that blend well. Well-coordinated colors on a website make for a highly-professional look.

While you’re at it, read up a bit about color psychology, and try to apply some of the associations it makes between colors and human behavior to your web design.

Put up more videos.

Videos seem to be getting more popular by the day, which is hardly surprising. After all, videos make information easier to digest and understand. Best of all, videos are infinitely more engaging than any written content, even superbly-written ones. People will always prefer watching a 3-minute video than a 1,500-word article on the same subject.

Video is so popular these days that experts predict it will make up 82 percent of all traffic by 2022.

Be mobile-friendly.

We already live in an era where web designers already prioritize the smallest screens when designing websites. In the age of mobile-first web design, desktop will have to take a backseat to mobile devices, and it makes a lot of sense.

Mobile users have long outnumbered desktop users. It would be the height of unprofessionalism if your website does not display well on their smartphones and tablets. Worse, you will end up missing out on their business as well if your website is not mobile-friendly.

At present, going for a responsive design is your best option if you want your site to become mobile-friendly and as professional as it can be.

In a world where websites seem to be popping out of thin air by the thousands on a daily basis, it really pays to stand out. Achieving a professional appearance is one way of doing that, so make these suggested tweaks, and see where a more professional-looking website will take your business.

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