Five Ways to Improve Your Website’s Landing Page

Maximize Your Google Rankings

Five ways to improve your website’s landing page when advertising with Google.

Here is some useful information that will help keeps potential clients on your website, instead of bouncing off and going to your competitor.

For example. If you pay for Google Adwords, and you are directing these potential clients to a land page that is properly formatted or highly relevant to your ad content, or it takes the user to a service page that is too pushy, the user will click off and likely never come back.

A negative experience affects your Ad Rank, and the amount of money you pay for cost per click (CPC), more importantly, your landing page ranking score affects your Ad position in Google.

It affects your Ad Rank, your cost per click (CPC) and your position in the ad auction. A poor experience may even result in your ads showing less often — or not at all!

So, let’s take a look on how to avoid your ad and landing page performing poorly. To do so, keep these five tips in mind:

Website & Advertising example: Buying a Drone Online

Offer relevant, useful, and original content when purchasing ads

  • Strive to offer useful features or content that are unique to your drone equipment website.
  • Make your drone landing page directly relevant to your ad text and keyword:
  • Be specific when the user wants a particular thing. If someone clicks on an ad for an ad for a specific drone model, they shouldn’t wind up on a general “all drone models and makes” page. Make sure your target page mirrors your ad content.
  • Be general when the user wants options. If someone’s looking to compare fishing poles, they probably don’t want to land on a specific brand of drone page.

Promote a high level of transparency and foster trustworthiness on your site

  • Be open. Openly share information about your fishing business and clearly state why your drone equipment business is unique.
  • Add value. Explain your fishing tackle products or services before asking visitors to fill out forms.
  • Simplicity. Make sure you keep it simple by keeping your contact information visible.
  • Privacy. If you request personal information from customers, make it clear why you’re asking for it and what you’ll do with it.
  • Labeling. Distinguish sponsored links, like ads, from the rest of your website’s content.

Make mobile and computer navigation easy. Hide items for mobile users.

  • Organize and design your desktop version well, so people don’t have to hunt around for information. Especially when they are using mobile. Hide specific pages on mobile. This will help improve the experience.
  • Make it simples for people to purchase the product mentioned in your ad.
  • Avoid annoying pop-ups or other features that interfere with their navigation and performance of your website.
  • Help customers find what they’re looking for by prioritizing above-the-fold content. This is a very important subject. Many landing pages use large pictures or graphics. This pushes the actual content below the fold. Make sure to keep the priority text above the fold.

Be fast — decrease your landing page loading time

  • Make sure your landing page loads quickly once someone clicks on your ad, whether on a computer or mobile device. A great website to use is GTMetrix to test your website speed.
  • Check the speed of your website’s landing page here.

Make your site (even more) mobile-friendly

  • See how your website scores on mobile-friendliness and speed, and find out how your score on GTMetrix will help improve it.

Are customers able to find your online?

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