Is it worth it? The Coinbase VISA Rewards Debit Card for Crypto Portfolios

September 16, 2022by HILARTECH, LLC0

One of the world’s most well-known and beginner-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges is Coinbase. Its’ crypto VISA debit card introduces a new way for customers to generate crypto rewards and diversify their portfolios.

If you earn up to 4 USD on your daily spending through crypto, you might believe you are experiencing a lucky streak.

Coinbase’s crypto card has several rotating crypto rewards and no annual fee, so it’s not only the best crypto rewards card trick around right now but also a great way to earn points with crypto.

To prevent additional charges, cardholders should be aware of the nuances of their Coinbase card.

While this card may be a fine option from the convenience of having quick access to funds, it may not have the ideal ratio for some.

Other people find that it harbors additional fees and charges that the card’s review didn’t mention.

The Coinbase card is a physical Visa debit card that provides cash back in rotating cryptocurrencies and which has no annual fee.

This card is only good for spending US dollars or USDC since Coinbase has a 2% conversion cost on both.


visa crypto card, visa rewards


The Coinbase card is a physical Visa debit card that provides cash back in rotating cryptocurrencies.

Pros & Cons of choosing this Crypto Rewards card:


-You can use it to spend your cryptocurrencies like regular cash

-Get up to 4% cash back on purchases in the form of cryptocurrency

-No fees for spending or withdrawing cryptocurrency from the card

-Withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide with a $2.50 fee

-Make purchases online and in brick-and-mortar stores anywhere that Visa is accepted


-Only available in certain countries

-ATM withdrawals are limited to $250 per day

-Card may be declined if the merchant doesn’t accept cryptocurrency

-Not available for use with all cryptocurrencies offered by Coinbase


Coinbase cards promise to return 4% of your purchase in crypto, and you have the option of choosing what kind of crypto you’ll receive it.

However, how much you earn depends on the type of crypto you choose. At the moment, altcoins including The Graph and XLM are paying 4% back, but Bitcoin and Ethereum pay 1%.

Meanwhile, some cryptos like Dogecoin pay only 1% at the moment of writing.

The Coinbase card does not have a yearly fee.

As a requirement for any cryptocurrency rewards card, the Interact Rewards credit card or the credit card, you will also be not charged a fee.

However, it’s cool that there aren’t any yearly membership fees from Coinbase.


visa rewards card
VISA Contactless Payment Chip


Visa contactless payments are transactions made by tapping a card, a phone, a watch, or any other device with a tap-enabled identification chip over a contactless payment terminal.

Swiped contactless chip cards and payment-enabled mobile and wearable devices fulfill the same function.????

The main advantage is, no need for a credit score check.????

Since Coinbase is a debit card, you don’t need to have a decent credit score to use one. And Coinbase doesn’t have to pay for a credit check.

You spend funds directly from your Coinbase balance, which means you’re not using a credit card.

Coinbase cards are available in the United States except in the state of Hawaii.

They are also offered in several European countries and the UK, and the company is focused on expanding to new markets.

To meet the card’s requirements in the US, you must be a Coinbase customer, already verified, at least 18, and verify your identity again.

In conclusion, the Coinbase crypto VISA debit card is a great way for customers to generate crypto rewards and diversify their portfolios.

The card is easy to use and beginner-friendly, making it a great option for those new to the world of cryptocurrency.


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