WNY Heroes, Inc.

Since our inception in 2007, WNY Heroes, Inc. has grown exponentially, becoming a critical life sustaining vehicle for veterans and their families by providing immediate financial assistance to those in need. Now, more than ever, the need is constant and growing in alarming fashion with so many veterans returning home. We are certain that the recent news of delays in getting services through the VA, that these brave and heroic men & women face upon their return, will further impact the need for program services within our organization. Below are the programs WNY Heroes, Inc. provides IN THE SURROUNDING 12 COUNTIES.

WNY Hereo's Grant Programs

This assistance is available to veterans and their families that are in NEED!

Adopt a Heroes Family

This assistance is available to veterans and their families that are in NEED!

Heroes’ Bridge (Financial Assistance)

This program serves veterans and their families with financial assistance. It provides the veteran with up to 4 months’ rent, mortgage, and utilities. The need is constant, the funds are critical.

Operation: Backpack

WNY Heroes, Inc. provides backpacks filled with essential school supplies to school-age children in all grades prior to the start of each new school year.

Operation B.O.O.T.S.

Objective: Bring veterans and their families together in a casual, non-clinical, non-threatening, setting in safe, fun environments, that foster teamwork, networking, and friendship.

Pawsitive For Heroes

WNY Heroes launched a program called “Pawsitive for Heroes” in 2014. The program will pay for service dog training as a result of the help we get from our sponsors. The dogs and their owners go through various courses together, properly preparing the dogs to serve those who’ve served.

William E. Kramp, Jr. Scholarship

An estimated 22 American military veterans take their own lives every day — thousands each year — and those numbers are steadily increasing. Even after weathering the stresses of military life and the terrors of combat, these soldiers find themselves overwhelmed by the transition back into civilian life. There is an increased need for more intensive and vigorous efforts to identify and support veterans who are at risk. With military personnel now facing combat in numbers not seen since the Vietnam War, developing better strategies for suicide prevention is more important than ever.

Little Heroes

All too often, veterans and their families in WNY are living paycheck to paycheck, just getting by on disability benefits, which barely cover the necessities of life, if they are lucky.

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