Internet Marketing

We specialize in Internet Marketing for specific clients who want to dominate their niche market sector.

First of all, we create tailored Off-Page SEO marketing packages designed to boost the clients Google Ranking.

Similarly, we can take your business to the next level, well beyond your competition by choosing the best marketing company, but if you are not committed to or not willing to invest in your online presence, you should reconsider our affordable internet marketing options.

Internet Marketing Services

We have several services that will help you elevate above your competition.

  1. Blog writing services: We will write and post custom blog articles designed to capture the readers attention.
  2. Guest Posting services: We will post custom blog articles and post it on other blogs or websites with specific links back to your website.
  3. Managed Twitter promotions: We will tweet custom content that promotes your brand, products, and website up to 12 times a day.
  4. Facebook Advertising. We know how to keep your advertising budget low by optimizing your marketing ads with A/B testing.
  5. Custom graphics & videos: We can create eye catching graphics designed to grab the attention of potential clients.
  6. Link Strategies w/Web 2.0 Properties. This is for serious clients only. Those who want to dominate their niche market sector.

In conclusion, we highly recommend you take some time to learn about the three pillars of SEO; On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO.

You can learn about these three pillars in our Beginners Guide to SEO. We add new chapters every month.

Meat The Press Rochester NY

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The is Chris Virgo’s new website which we designed for him, Also, please take a look at his original website design on
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Meat The Press Food Truck Rochester

Meat The Press Food Truck

Chris came to us looking to optimize the speed his existing website, Also to fix the logical flow of his design so it was easier to navigate for the end user. Chris immediately noticed a drastic increase in webpage load speed when testing it on To include his traffic to his website increased nearly […]
Anthony M Hamilton Real Estate Agent

Anthony M. Hamilton

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  Anthony M. Hamilton is an accomplished Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Gateway – Team HD; serving Greater Rochester NY. He has successfully served his country as an United States Marine with Honor, Courage, & Commitment. His passion for serving the public has led him to serving his local community be helping those who need to a Real Estate Agent with the […]