Tips for Improving Customer Experience With Web Design

April 21, 2020
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April 21, 2020 hilartech

We live in an age where a website has become an indispensable tool for marketing one’s business. The existence of more than a billion websites today attests to that fact. It’s hard to imagine having a business without a digital interface for your potential customers.

As you know, a business’s site has to be customer-friendly in all respects to become an effective business tool. You may be offering top-notch products and services, but if the people visiting your website don’t get a good experience exploring it, you cannot expect them to give you the leads and conversions your business needs.

Give your visitors the customer experience they deserve when exploring your services or products, and they will likely stay longer and may just give you those conversions, which are primarily the reason your website exists.

Improving customer experience for people who get to your website can be done through your web design. Here are some web design practices that can help make the customer experience better for your visitors.

Boost page loading speed.

There is nothing more frustrating for anyone who accesses the Internet every day than a slow-loading web page. Considering how just about everybody seems to be in a hurry, a web page that takes more than three seconds to load is already considered slow makes for bad customer experience. Poor experience most likely results in potential lead leaving your site.

You can speed up your website by making some tweaks to your script, cache, and image compression. If you can limit or even eliminate the use of carousels or sliders, then that will give your page loading speed a boost, too. Other technical adjustments that can help speed things up to include leaving more whitespace and disabling video auto-play while showcasing multimedia elements.

Improve navigation.

Internet users love exploring with intuitive and effortless navigation by making your website easy and convenient as possible. This can be accomplished by integrating key aspects of your website into the footer. This approach affords the user to find all of the relevant content on your site. More importantly, internal linking will boost your SEO. All its navigational elements should also be clear and well-organized. Drop-down menus, anchored navigation bars, and a working search feature will also make things so much easier for them.

Always keep in mind that the slightest indication your navigation is a mess will only annoy your visitors and make them drop everything and bounce off to another site. In all likelihood, they will go for a rival company that offers the same products or services as you.

Make your homepage as appealing as possible.

If a website were a book, then its homepage is, by all means, its cover. Your homepage is typically the first page of your website that people set their eyes on, and it needs to look its best at all times because, whether we like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover. So if you can use great-looking photos and bold fonts that are easy to read, incorporate interactive elements into your homepage, and give it a clean, uncluttered layout, then you’ll have an eye-catching homepage that will surely draw in people.

Make the purchasing process more streamlined.

The primary goal of an ecommerce site is to sell products. However, the way some ecommerce sites are organized are horrible. Which makes the buying process a tedious one, often to the point where customers just abandon their shopping carts out of frustration. 

More importantly, website builders give business owners false hope. Godaddy or Wix or even Weebly may be cheap and easy to use. But your business will likely suffer. Read more regarding why cheap website builders can harm your business’s growth.

If buying your products requires your customers to jump through numerous hoops, then your entire purchasing process needs serious reconsideration. No customers get a great experience if buying your products entails providing tons of information about themselves or going through countless identity checks.

If you want to improve customer experience for those who explore Shopify or WooCommerce.  This will help streamline the entire purchasing process.

Mobile-friendly web design is a must.

The world we live in is a mobile one. There are now more mobile users than desktop users. More often than not, they use—almost exclusively—their phones and tablets to shop for goods and services online.

If your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly design, and mobile users access it on their devices, then don’t expect it to display well on their much smaller screens. If you’re lucky, they will make an effort to zoom in to see what you have to offer more clearly. However, in all likelihood, they’ll just take a cue from the bad customer experience they will surely have to try to explore your non-mobile-friendly site and bounce off to your mobile-friendly competition.

Missing out on huge potential sales simply because you don’t have a mobile-friendly site is probably one of the sorriest things that could happen to an entrepreneur. Avoid being in that situation by going for a responsive WordPress web design.

Do you know what is just as important? Website speed. We recommend using wp-engine to test your website’s speed. [eafl id=”9771″ name=”WP-Engine Speed Test” text=”Give the tool a try”].

speed up website

WP Engine – Speed Tool

With a responsive WordPress design, your business will be more attractive to mobile users and with the superb customer experience, your chances of getting the conversions you need will only get better.

These are just some of the various ways that you can use web design to improve customer experience. It’s easy to think that web design is all about making a website look pretty, but it’s so much more than that. As this article points out, web design is crucial to your efforts to provide first-rate customer experience. So make the necessary changes to your web design if you haven’t already, and see where it takes your business.

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