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What we do...

A Full-Spectrum Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Web Design Firm for Large, Medium, and Small businesses in the Federal & Defense Contracting space. As a former U.S. Navy Chief who worked as an NSA-trained Cryptologic Technician. I have discovered that the rigorous training, battlefield operations, and extensive real-world experience have positioned me to know how to navigate and deploy assets into the digital environment.

Full Spectrum Marketing Campaigns

We bring more than just local knowledge by integrating advanced strategies that will grow your company. We work with custom Digital Asset methodologies tailored specifically to your target audience.

A Local Partner

You want more traffic on Google? You deserve an edge on Google. You deserve more than just showing up on page three of the search results. You deserve to be seen as an authority in your industry. Let us help you craft a Federal & Defense Contracting Web Design, Marketing, & Digital Ads strategy that captures those people who need quality products and services right now!

Target Market

Regardless of your target audience, whether it is in New York, California, Florida, Virginia, Ohio or Texas. We know how to harvest the right market data from our analytic research tools. Our strategy will be tailored according to what the data tells us and what your specific needs and requirements are.


Our Services.

Whatever your government or defense contractor business needs are, we know how to solve them. But more importantly, we have an extreme passion for helping fellow federal and defense businesses scale through digital ads, enticing landing pages, high-performing websites, push marketing, email sequencing, persistent targeting, dark post-testing, retargeting, cross-device ads, and intuitive chatbots.

Web Design & Landing Pages

We design websites and landing pages that are relevant to the local market in which you operate. Knowing your target audience matters. Our website designs and landing pages are fresh, modern, and load quickly. But most importantly, they’re 100% mobile ready.

– Get a website that converts.
– Getting your message to your target audience in the best possible way.
– Set yourself apart from the competition with a modern, engaging site.
– Delivering an experience to your customers like never before.

Google Advertising

Google Advertising can be complicated for some people. But it doesn’t have to be! There are many hidden tools that can help you optimize your current ad spend. You could save thousands of dollars over a period of time.

– Get in front of your target audience — we can help you do it.
– You’ll get more foot traffic coming into your business.
– Reach prospects who otherwise wouldn’t find you.
– Being the only one in town with a Top Ranking on Google for your industry or niche

Facebook Advertising

Your veteran-owned business deserves nothing less than our best. That’s why we’ve created custom digital asset campaigns for targeted market verticals. With us, you’ll get all the tools that Facebook has to offer, like compelling Facebook Push Marketing and powerful re-targeting digital advertising technologies.

– We’ll get you more likes, comments, and shares.
– Your brand will be seen by more people.
– Build a community of supporters that love your business just as much as you do.
– Get the word out on Facebook with our passionate advocates for your company

Email Campaign Marketing

You know what they say: Out of sight, out of mind. That’s why email marketing is so important when it comes to connecting with your audience. You want them to be able to see what you’re doing and stay up-to-date with all the latest news from your company. That’s why email marketing campaigns are so powerful — they allow you to stay connected with your audience even when they’re not looking at your site or social media pages.

– Build brand loyalty.
– Reach out to new customers with a personalized message.
– Being the first thing clients see when they check their inbox.
– Better conversion rates and revenue
– Increased sales and revenue

Google Ranking | SEO

Outpace your local competition with advanced SEO techniques. Start ranking your business on Google by leveraging our awesome SEO skills. Whether you like it or not, in order to compete on Google, SEO precision is a must. Without it, you will likely be irrelevant in Google’s eyes.

– Get your business ranking on Google.
– Increase traffic to your website.
– Gain more customers and sales.
– Outsmart the competition with our advanced SEO skills.

Campaign Performance Tracking

Our team of experts can identify where there’s room for improvement in your current web presence. We track the target audience behavior patterns of visitors to your website, landing pages, and ads from area towns and beyond. Our team evaluates precise key performance indicators that tell us how to shift or tweak a digital marketing campaign.

– You’ll know what works and what doesn’t.
– Get the most out of your marketing budget.
– Build a campaign that actually converts people to leads or customers.

Managed Hosting

When you partner with us, not only do you get powerful hosting, but you get Cybersecurity protections, Anti-Spam, Software Updates, Cloud Backups, and much more. Worry free hosting.

Amazing Customer Support

We have a simple customer support system. We believe in making sure your needs are met. We take pride in providing timely and quality support to all of our clients.

Unlimited Edits

When you choose to partner with Hilartech. You get unlimited edits. Businesses evolve and so should your website. We don’t charge per edit or set limits. Our world-class maintenance is included in every web service package.


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