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What we do...

A Full-Spectrum Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Web Design Firm for Large, Medium, and Small Veteran Owned Businesses & Non-Profit Organizations. As a former U.S. Navy Chief who worked as an NSA-trained Cryptologic Technician. I have discovered that the rigorous training, battlefield operations, and extensive real-world experience have positioned me to know how to navigate and deploy assets into the digital environment.

Full Spectrum Marketing Campaigns

We bring more than just local knowledge by integrating advanced strategies your Veteran Owned Business bolstered by custom Digital Asset methodologies tailored specifically to your target audience.

A Local Business Partner

We take pride in working on your behalf so your Veteran Owned Business is competitive on Google. We understand what it takes to fight for digital space when you have to compete against national companies that have massive budgets designed to flood the advertising space with ads.

Market Vertical

Regardless of your target audience, whether it is in New York, California, Florida, or Texas. We know how to harvest the right market data from our analytic research tools. We will tailor a strategy based upon what the data tells us and what your specific needs and requirements are.


Our Services.

We know Digital Assets. Whatever your Veteran Owned Business or Organization needs, we know how to get it down. More importantly, we have an extreme passion for helping fellow Vets grow their companies with digital ads, engaging landing pages, high-caliber websites, push marketing, email sequencing, persistent targeting, dark post-testing, retargeting, cross-device ads, and intuitive chatbots.

Web Design Services

We design websites that are appealing to the local market in which you operate. Knowing the target audience matters. Our web designs are fresh, modern, and load quickly. More importantly, all of our web designs are 100% Mobile ready.

Digital Advertising

We are a Google Partner in Google Display, Retargeting, Native Ads, Search, & Youtube. As you know, Digital Advertising is slightly complicated for the average user, not the concept of advertising, but the technical requirements necessary to get a campaign off the ground. There are many hidden tools that can help you optimize your current ad spend. You could save thousands of dollars over a period of time.

Email Campaign Marketing

Email marketing helps you connect with your warm audience to help promote your brand, increase awareness, and drive revenue. Email marketing campaigns are very powerful, simply because your audience is already familiar with your business, and may have purchased one of your services prior.

Facebook Advertising

We use every tool Facebook has to offer! We will propel your Rochester-based business to the next level with compelling Facebook ads that are backed by powerful re-targeting technologies.

Google Ranking | SEO

Outpace your local competition with advanced SEO techniques. Start ranking your business on Google by leveraging our awesome SEO skills. Whether you like it or not, in order to compete on Google, SEO precision is a must. Without it, you will likely be irrelevant in Google’s eyes.

Campaign Performance Tracking

We track the target audience behavior patterns of visitors to your website, landing pages, and ads from area towns and beyond. We evaluate precise key performance indicators that tell us how to shift or tweak a digital marketing campaign.

Managed Hosting

When you partner with us, not only do you get powerful hosting, but you get Cybersecurity protections, Anti-Spam, Software Updates, Cloud Backups, and much more. Worry free hosting.

Amazing Customer Support

We have a simple customer support system. We believe in making sure your needs are met. We take pride in providing timely and quality support to all of our clients.

Unlimited Edits

When you choose to partner with Hilartech. You get unlimited edits. Businesses evolve and so should your website. We don’t charge per edit or set limits. Our world-class maintenance is included in every web service package.


Schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call

A 15-minute discovery call will give you a chance to tell us about your project vision and requirements.