Case Study: The Law Offices of Haskell & Dyer

Case Study: The Law Offices of Haskell & Dyer
The Law Offices of Haskell & Dyer Case Study

The Law Offices of Haskell & Dyer

New Web Design for two person Attorney Law Firm in Upper Marlboro MD.

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Background: The Law Offices of Haskell & Dyer, a distinguished law firm specializing in Personal Injury, Criminal Defense Law, Family Law, and Medical Malpractice, embarked on a strategic overhaul of its digital presence amidst a significant rebranding effort, including a name change. Recognizing the need to reflect this evolution online, they sought to create a new website that would embody their new identity and enhance their digital marketing efforts to serve better and reach their clients.

Challenge: The firm faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating its new brand identity into a comprehensive digital strategy that included web design, SEO, Facebook marketing, and content creation. The objectives were clear: to develop a modern, user-friendly website, optimize their online presence for local search, and engage with their target audience through relevant and informative content.


  • New Web Design: A visually appealing, responsive website was developed to represent The Law Offices of Haskell & Dyer’s new brand identity. Special attention was given to user experience (UX) to ensure easy navigation for users seeking legal assistance.
  • SEO & Local SEO Optimization: The firm’s Google My Business was optimized for Local SEO, ensuring they appeared prominently in local search results. On-page SEO strategies were also employed, targeting keywords related to their practice areas to improve overall search engine visibility.
  • Content Strategy: All website copywriting was professionally crafted to represent the firm’s services and expertise accurately. Custom blog articles focusing on Personal Injury, Criminal Defense Law, and Medical Malpractice were also regularly published, providing valuable insights and establishing the firm as thought leaders in their fields.
  • Facebook Marketing: The firm leveraged Facebook marketing to engage with its community, share informative content, and promote its legal services. This approach increased their visibility and fostered trust and communication with potential clients.

Results: The Law Offices of Haskell & Dyer witnessed a significant transformation in their digital footprint. The new website and a targeted digital marketing strategy resulted in increased traffic, higher engagement rates, and an uptick in client inquiries. The custom blog content, especially, drove considerable interest, positioning the firm as a trusted resource in their specialized areas of law. Through these concerted efforts, The Law Offices of Haskell & Dyer successfully navigated its rebranding phase, solidifying its online presence and enhancing its reputation in the competitive legal market.

Conclusion: The comprehensive digital overhaul of The Law Offices of Haskell & Dyer showcases the power of a cohesive web design and digital marketing strategy in the legal sector. The firm aligned its digital presence with its new brand identity by effectively combining SEO, content marketing, and social media outreach. It strengthened its engagement with existing and potential clients, setting a new benchmark for digital excellence in the legal industry.

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