10 Tips on How to Launch an eBook

March 22, 2020 Peter Minkoff

Launching an eBook is a great way to build your online reputation and provide an additional source of income. But if you are writing your first eBook, you may get overwhelmed by the process.

Monetizing your website doesn’t have to be a devil of a job. With a little guidance, you can showcase your knowledge in an economical and simplified way without hassle.

Here are ten tips on how to successfully launch an eBook.

1. Start with creating a goal

Before beginning to write, think about your business objectives and what this eBook can do for your blog or your business. Are you trying to fulfill your creative potential, create a stream of income, or grow your authority within the industry?

Also, set a reasonable publishing goal. It will keep you focused and productive.

Writing an eBook requires consistency and commitment. Find a writing schedule that suits you and stick to it, whether it is late in the evening or before the sun rises.

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2. Write an eBook about a subject you are passionate about

Start by asking yourself what you are passionate about and what’s your specialty. Creating an eBook around a topic that is related to your blog is essential.

What your clients or customers ask you the most and how you can help other people with your eBook are helpful starting points too.

Use your unique perspective on the matter when writing. Discuss the things you are writing about from a personal view to avoid dry content.

3. Hire professionals to help you out

If you are not a graphic designer, hire someone. Remember that your cover is probably the first thing your readers will see and make their impression on your book upon it.

This means the cover has to be as good as the content. If you want that “awe” effect make sure to hire a professional.

The digital content design company Infostarters offers both stunning design and inspiring textual content.

This passionate team can do the research for you and create the content based on your ideas, or provide you with outstanding illustrations if you have prepared the content yourself.

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4. Offer a pre-launch discount to your email subscribers

Adding exclusive deals to your email list sweetens the offer for prospective buyers. Drawing your audience’s attention is vital to make sure the official launch is a success.

Also, your email subscribers are the people that already showed interest in your work, so they are more likely to purchase your eBook.

And of course, for all of this to happen – you need to build a pre-launch email list.

5. Find a way to reward your buyers

One of the most effective sales tactics is finding a way to give your customers more than they have paid for. Adding bonuses is an excellent way to encourage people to make the purchase.

To maximize sales, increase the overall value of your eBook by giving away the bonuses for free.

A great bonus has to be beneficial and related to the book you are selling. Turning browsers into buyers is easier when you sweeten the pot by offering rewards that complement your main product.

6. Get to know your audience

To promote your product to as many potential readers as possible, you will have to research the people who make the critical audience of your eBook.

Getting to know your target audience will help you appealingly address them and identify the places where you can reach them.

If you are writing a cookbook, check out food blogs and recipe sites. If you are writing for a younger crowd, turn to Instagram and Snapchat.

7. Send pitches to influencers and mentioned sources

Reach out to other bloggers and authorities in the industry and let them read your eBook before the official release. Buzzsumo can help you find relevant influencers in a given topic.

Also, create a list of everyone you mentioned in your book.

Once you’ve gathered the lists, let the influencers and mentioned sources know about your new offering before the book is launched. Ask them to review your work and give feedback before publishing.

The feedback you receive can be a significant boost to your content – you can use it as a part of your book promotion.

8. Improve the visibility of your eBook

Don’t forget to optimize metadata to improve your search rankings. The easiest way to boost the visibility of your eBook is to carefully craft the title of the book, keywords, description, and tags.

Unique, engaging, and informative metadata will help you differentiate from the crowd.

To keep your sales going strong, consider writing guest posts on your eBook topic, and try advertising on social media. Creating a landing page for your new eBook is a must.

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9. Submit your eBook to the right sites

There are plenty of free websites that will feature your eBook on their page. Your book can be displayed as a part of a daily list or in a newsletter.

Consider submitting to social bookmarking sites like Product Hunt where people share the best new products. This online community can help you drive more traffic and boost sales.

If you opt to sell your eBook directly to your audience, Selz is the e-commerce platform that will help you sell your product using multiple channels.

10. Create a buzz about the upcoming launch

Building anticipation and momentum is important when your launch is approaching. Create hype amongst your audience by publishing a couple of posts about the new ebook before it is officially on sale.

This allows your readers to notify other people that might be interested in your work about an upcoming book.

You can broadcast live videos showing behind the scenes, for instance, in your workspace.

Sharing your creative process with your audience in a blog post is a smart way to include them in the process and spread the word about your eBook.

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