Case Study: Ground Force Property Services, LLC

Case Study: Ground Force Property Services, LLC
Ground Force Property Services Case Study

Ground Force Property Services, LLC

New Web Design for a Landscaping and Hardscaping Businesses in Liverpool, NY.

Owner & Founder: Edward Forstoffer, Combat Army Veteran
Industry: Landscaping and Hardscaping

Background: Ground Force Property Service LLC, led by Edward Forstoffer, a dedicated Combat Army Veteran, has been a cornerstone in Liverpool, NY, providing top-tier landscaping, hardscaping, snow plowing, and pool removal services. Seeking to expand its reach and capitalize on the digital landscape, Ground Force partnered with a digital marketing agency to revamp its online presence.

Challenge: Despite offering superior services, Ground Force was not capturing the full potential of the local market. They needed a robust digital strategy to increase their visibility, attract more leads, and showcase their expertise in concrete paver patios, walkways, pool decks, and entryways.

Strategy: The comprehensive digital overhaul included:

  1. New Website Design: The launch of, featuring a modern web design, user-friendly design, intuitive navigation, and a portfolio showcasing their work.
  2. Local SEO Content Strategy: Implementing targeted content strategies to improve local search rankings and highlight their services in the Greater Liverpool area.
  3. NAP Citations Creation: Building consistent Name, Address, and Phone number citations across high-authority directories to boost local SEO.
  4. Push Marketing on Facebook: Engaging potential customers through strategic Facebook marketing campaigns, showcasing their services and completed projects.
  5. Article Writing: Crafting informative articles to establish authority, educate homeowners, and highlight the latest trends in landscaping and hardscaping.

Results: The strategic digital enhancements yielded remarkable results for Ground Force Property Service LLC:

  • An exponential increase in leads, particularly for concrete paver patios, walkways, pool decks, and entryways.
  • Significant growth in project inquiries and bookings, solidifying their presence as a leading landscaping and hardscaping service provider in Liverpool, NY.
  • Enhanced online visibility and brand recognition, contributing to a broader customer base and increased market share.

Conclusion: Ground Force Property Service LLC’s digital transformation exemplifies how a well-executed digital strategy can propel a local business to new heights. By embracing a new website, local SEO, NAP citations, social media marketing, and quality content, Ground Force has expanded its digital footprint and significantly grown its customer base and project portfolio, showcasing the power of digital tools in the landscaping and hardscaping industry.

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