9 Elements of Law Firm Website Design You Must Pay Attention To

February 13, 2021
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Law firms like most other businesses are a dime a dozen. The internet is full of potential law firms just waiting to assist you with your legal query. One of the crucial factors to making your law firm stand out is the first step to being a cut above the rest.

Having a stellar website is a key factor in showing your law firms’ professionalism and ability to be relevant. Websites are much easier to create today than they were a few years ago, so it’s relatively easy to get a website whipped up in no time. There are, however, a few elements to put in place to ensure your law firm website is not just another run of the mill “one size fits all” website.

Law Firm Website Design Tips to Consider

An important point to remember is that your law firm is still a business, first and foremost. While it may be your company’s vision to assist people with legal issues, your law firm still needs to generate a projected amount of revenue to remain in business.

With that in mind, creating your website should have a few key elements in place to ensure that you not only advertise your legal abilities but continue to attract new business. Let’s look at five of the most important elements of law firm website design you must pay attention to.

Identify Your Target Audience

The first step in having an effective website for your law firm is to identify your desired target audience. Having a clear indication of this will determine the tone of how you’ll create and market your law firm.

For instance, if your law firm specializes in dealing with work-related issues, you need to ensure your approach and language use speaks to those types of people. Language should be clear and without any hidden messages.

Brand Logo and Colors

When it comes to creating your website, bear in mind that it needs to be a visual representation of your law firm. Professionals recommend using your law firm logo with brand colors on your website. Potential clients should instantly associate your website with your law firm. When perfecting your logo design, consider the basics that should be in place.

Some of these include:

  • Use whitespace effectively to make your law firm website look professional.
  • Use high-quality images and place them prominently, preferably on top of your site.
  • Use professional-looking fonts throughout the whole website.
  • Ensure pages load at a proper speed rate. Slow loading pages will provoke the potential client to click on another site.
  • Make your page easy to use and clink between links. Get to the point quickly. Users will get bored if it takes them too many clicks to get to the relevant information.

Review Your Competition

With so many other law firms competing for the same space in the market, it’s important to know what your competition is up to. Review the content they’ve placed on their own law firm websites. Use this information to better your own website.


It’s important to identify and highlight your own advantage. Determine what it is that makes your law firm better than the rest. When creating your law firm website, ensure you advertise this aspect prominently.

Optimize Your SEO

Your law firm website should also take search engine optimization (SEO) into consideration. This means you want clients searching for law firms on Google or other search engines, to instantly find your law firm’s website.

A few tips for your law firm website to increase your SEO are listed below:

  • Use proper formatting on your law firm website. Your site should be easy to read by clients and search engines.
  • Use contextual links as this will allow potential clients to understand what they’re linking to.
  • Use proper names for any images used. This makes it easy for search engines to find your law firm’s website.

Having a phenomenal law firm website is great. However, if there is no strong call to action, your potential client will just click to another site. You can use testimonials from past or current clients to create credibility and trust with new clients.

The more you show potential clients that you can win their types of cases, the more interest they will show toward your law firm. Your website should also have a call to action that focuses on getting clients to “ACT NOW” or “MAKE THAT CALL TODAY!”

Proper Use of Images

Images can add to the aesthetics and profession of a law firm website. But you must use high-quality pictures and designs especially if you’re using banners. Poor quality images can make your law firm website look unprofessional and untrustworthy. So stay away from low-resolution images.

You want to make a positive impression on potential clients and it will pay off in the end if you use a professional photographer to take original pictures for your site. Original images of your law firm, employees, and the city you work in boosts your website’s credibility.

On the other hand, you can also purchase high-quality stock images from sites like iStock that work well for blog posts for your site. But it’s important to pick these stock images wisely because you want them to enhance the look of your website.

Lastly, the images you pick for your law firm website should be scalable for mobile devices and computers.

Professional Typography is Essential

Some companies underestimate the importance of website typography. However, your typography may be the most important feature on your site. Your fonts should represent the quality of the content on your website and you can only achieve this with typography that’s easy to read.

Law firm website content is written in a formal manner to provide a sense of seriousness. But if you use elaborate fonts it will look incredibly informal and you will lose the seriousness you want to express on your site.

You must use a font that won’t force clients to strain their eyes to see what’s written. The weight and size of the typography are also important features to consider. Font weight refers to the thickness of your lettering which ranges between 100 (light) to 900 (extra bold). The ideal typography weight is 400.

A suitable website font size for your main page is 16xp because it’s not too small or large. This font size helps to improve the readability of your paragraphs. Stick to this typography sizing to get perfect proportioned font sizes on your site.

This font size and weight will still be readable on mobile devices and computers.

What About Typography Color?

Don’t put a light font color on a white background because it will be difficult to read. Always use a dark-toned font when writing content on your law firm website. If you don’t want to use black then try navy blue, dark gray or brown.

Build Trust with Storytelling and Testimonies

You can get potential clients to use your law firm services by providing stories and testimonies from other clients. This is essentially a review section of your website where past clients provide a short testimony about their experience working with your law firm.

When potential clients see positive testimonials on your site it provides them with a sense of trust. Prospects will see that you’re a reliable law firm that provides the desired results which are to win court cases.

Another way you can build trust with website visitors is to tell your personal story. Highlight stories that helped with the growth of your law firm in your ‘About Us’ section. Or talk about the following topics:

  • How your law firm was founded
  • What were your challenges in the beginning
  • How did you solve problems
  • How much your law firm has grown
  • What your plans are for the future
  • Your process when representing a client

Providing a short story shows vulnerability and allows clients to connect with you on a personal level.

Fast Loading Speeds for Mobile and PC

The design, branding, and content matter on your website are excellent but what happens when your site has slow upload speeds? If clients have to wait for your site to load they may be forced to pick another law firm.

Don’t lose your clients because you have a slow website. Look into getting private and managed web hosting so your website can be placed on a private server for faster speeds. You should also optimize your website to work on all internet compatible devices. This is so users can access your website through their SmartPhones, tablets and PCs without hassle.


Optimizing your law firm website is an effective way to generate new clientele. It shows people that your law firm offers professional assistance that has the potential to win cases. An updated law firm website is just another step in ensuring your eventual success. If your website needs a makeover, use our tips to make your law firm website the best around town!

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