What Does Google Do To Prevent Click Fraud?

July 26, 2020
July 26, 2020 hilartech

Anyone advertising on Google may have been the victim of click fraud without even knowing that it may be costing your business hundreds and thousands of dollars every month. According to a survey, click fraud takes from # 3 billion to $ 35 billion while understanding the exact figures are hard to pin down. So, make sure you know what Google does to prevent click fraud for their customers before spending money on Google ads.

How Google Prevents Click Fraud?

Undoubtedly, advertising revenue is Google’s biggest earner. So, it is essential to prevent fraud on Google ads. For that, they have a quite reliable program of anti-click fraud processes. Google makes money from each click, whether it is fraud or not, so they have little interest in shutting fraud down. Here are some tips on how Google prevents click fraud.

Google Adsense Site Verification

If you submit your site to AdSense, Google will verify its quality before approving for banner ads. Getting your site submitted to Adsense is not a difficult task; you need to make sure that your website looks half decent and is made for personal usage. And then Google needs to ensure your site is a real working website.

However, it is pretty easy for an unscrupulous webmaster to create a fake website. According to a survey, marketers looking at over 48 000 Adsense sites estimated that around 90% of them are fake. Google have recently used ads-txt to allow marketers to specify who display their ads.

Violations Of Adsense Terms

After submitting your Adsense site for verification, Google starts the fraud detection process. If your site is found the source of an abnormal amount of fraud clicks, publishers can be suspended or even rejected.

Of course, the fraud click doesn’t make one website publisher an imposter.

There are many ways sites can be subjected to PPC fraud. So, keep an eye on the sites you get click traffic during your PPC campaign and flag those they seem suspicious.

Google Uses Algorithms To Protect PPC Ads From Fraud Clicks

Google’s algorithms already recognize an accidental click as an invalid click, and then the advertiser hasn’t had to pay for it. Whether the user closing the site before it even loaded or within seconds of it loading, bounce rate is exceptionally high.

This is usually of accidental clicks and is relatively easy for Google and other advertising platforms to handle.

Manual And Automated Filters To Prevent Click Fraud

Google has automated filters and dedicated teams both who can prevent botnet activity automatically and manually. But that doesn’t mean you can sit back and assume they will do everything.

You need to keep an eye on the activity on your ads, including suspect IP addresses and particular publisher sites if you are using Google ads to promote your business. I

f you find anything unusual with your site, report it to Google and follow its guidelines to reduce exposure to click fraud and ad fraud activities.

The Bottom Line!
Hopefully, you have now understood what Google does to prevent click fraud and other botnet activities. For more information, you can get in touch with us!