Is Your Google Advertising Campaign Delivering Results?

September 29, 2019
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September 29, 2019 hilartech

Google Advertising

I have identified the following 8 reasons why local businesses continue to fail at running Google Ads.

  1. Don’t understand how to configure Google’s Ad platfrom

  2. Audience targeting mismatch

  3. Retargeting integration is missing

  4. The Display or Search Ad is not compelling

  5. Targeting the wrong audience

  6. No A/B Testing

  7. Under funded

  8. Low CTR or engagement rate

Why is our Google Advertising Strategy Different?


We work only with established businesses that do not see the value in their current advertising budget and who are serious about fine-tuning their current methodology in order to maximize return on investment.

Our focused digital marketing strategy leverages online technical techniques designed to increase your bottom-line specific to the nuances associated with digital advertising. We integrate engaging sales funnels into local businesses client acquisition strategy.

It is all about creating effective ad campaigns on partner networks like Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Linkedin in order to showcase your brand while decreasing ineffective ad spend.

Our methodology is designed to bring in new revenue without wasting resources in the process.

How Can Paid Advertising Increase Your Sales?

Digital advertising will reach into a pool of potential prospects that were unreachable prior. The goal is to reach these potential prospects by utilizing attractive creative ads that appeal to the audience.

It uses your existing website as a tool to walk your prospects through your sales funnel via various call-to-action functions that lead your client to desired action or purchase.

How Can Our Digital Marketing Experts Help You?

Our digital advertising team has experience managing complex paid advertising campaigns for niche markets.

Keep in mind, to build your brand, paid advertising is just one aspect of maximizing your digital footprint for brand recognition. We recommend you integrate our specialized SEO strategy.

We will tailor a unique strategy that reflects your company’s vision, mission, and marketing goals.

Are you tired of Wasting Money?

Most ad campaigns waste money because they do not follow Google’s recommended advertising strategy.

We are Certified in both Google Ads Display & Google Ads Mobile.

With that said, we understand the complexities of the Google search space. We will make sure we do our best to choose the right advertising solution that enhances your business strategy.

Ever wonder what Google’s about CPM, CPC, CPV, and CPA? More importantly, what these stand for and when do you use them? Well, you are in luck.

These are all acronyms for different media cost models.

Determine your desired outcome. Use the media cost model that aligns with your business strategy:

  • I want to raise brand awareness
    • CPM: Pay every time the publisher serves your ad.
  • I want to drive traffic to my site
    • CPC: Pay each time someone clicks on your ad, regardless of what happens after the click.
  • I want to increase sales
    • CPA: Pay only if a user sees an ad on the publisher’s site and later makes a purchase or completes some other desired action on your website.
  • I want to raise brand awareness but only pay for impressions measured as viewable
    • vCPM: Pay every time your ad is displayed on a screen.
  • I want to increase video views
    • CPV: Pay for people watching or interacting with your video ad, like clicking on a call-to-action overlay or companion banner ad.

Remember to ask yourself what you want the user to do after they’ve seen your ad.

For example:

  • Do you want them to walk away simply being familiar with your brand?
  • Do you want them to click through to check out your website?
  • Do you want them to join your loyalty program and create an account?
  • Do you want them to purchase something?

With these answers and your goals in mind, you’ll be able to choose which cost model is right for you. If Google Ads is not for you, maybe using Facebook Ads will suit your business model better.

Why Do You Need Digital Advertising?

To be direct, Digital Advertising is designed to gain immediate brand visibility and results. Online advertising and paid search will help you reach well beyond your existing reach by tapping into a new realm of possibilities by niche targeted ads aiming directly at your ideal audience.

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