How To Prepare Your Company For Voice Search: The Future Of Search

March 30, 2021
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March 30, 2021 hilartech

Voice search significantly speeds up the process. Voice search optimization is the process of optimizing your pages to appear in voice searches. Many devices allow for hands-off voice search which means you do not even have to pick up the device to ask a question. If your company is not currently optimized for Voice Search, you may become irrelevant in the future of Google Search.

What Is Voice Search Optimization?

The first step is creating a content plan to speak your message loud and clear to a new market. Create a list of content topics which you will likely be asked. Add or delete specific content to account for the different devices your audience will use. Find an integrated voice search tool that will automate the process of identifying the best content to target. As technology becomes more and more accessible, you can create content for voice search. Google’s own voice search is available for everyone and is free. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of using voice search to find their products and services.

Why You Should Prepare Your Company For Voice Search

Google supports voice search on desktop as well as mobile. Voice Search will likely account for a greater number of searches than traditional searches and the growth in adoption is expected to grow at a rapid pace. As voice search continues to grow in popularity, Google is making it easier for the average consumer to use the device. Voice Search is a non-intrusive method to search your site. You can use the Voice Search feature on the Google mobile app or on Google home. Search for a product or company and the product or company will be shown directly in the search results. Google predicts that over two-thirds of searches will be voice searches. Companies need to be prepared for the changes. Once the infrastructure is in place, companies can start optimizing their site for voice search.

The Future Of Voice Search

Google has announced that over 50% of searches will be by voice by 2020. Experts predict that by 2020, 47% of American’s will use voice search. Imagine your business will no longer be just another Google search result but rather an option when searching for information. The reason for this is because voice search also brings other devices into the picture. These other devices include a virtual assistant device such as an Amazon Echo. Instead of using a computer to read aloud an article, you can now just ask the Echo to read an article to you. This will also allow you to ask other devices questions and be heard in your living room. These two devices can be used together to be virtual assistants. If this sounds like something that is more beneficial than just a search engine, it is.

How To Prepare Your Company For Voice Search

Many smaller businesses are the leading competitors to the largest businesses. This means that Voice Search has the potential to be one of the top factors to disrupt your company. Regardless, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for Voice Search. Voice Search Optimization Here are a few things you can do to prepare your business for Voice Search. Improve Your Google My Business Profile. The most obvious thing you can do to prepare your business for Voice Search is to improve your Google My Business Profile. This includes customizing your Business Profile, incorporating your contact information, adding social connections, and more. Voice Search Enhancement. You will want to make your Voice Search experience as easy as possible.


The future of search has never been more prevalent. In order to prepare your company for a digital age of voice search, you should focus on your brand message. Consumers today do not want to be bombarded with advertisements. Rather, they prefer a more personalized search experience. Your company should strive to produce relevant, optimized content that relates to the audience’s lives. A word of advice: spend the time needed to invest in your content to provide a great user experience and to be top of mind for search. It is worth noting that voice search can be improved with the use of voice-to-text software. If you are unable to automate your content for voice search, you can still create high-quality voice-based content that engages your customers.

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