Facebook Ads: Recruiting Talent

Facebook Ads: Recruiting Talent

Facebook’s ad targeting is mind-blowing. You just have to know exactly who you’re looking for when you’re recruiting new team members.

Try using Facebook ads to help with the process and wow your new hires with how savvy you are at social media marketing.

Let’s look at how you can use Facebook ads to increase the chances of finding potential candidates that are perfect for your company, as well as how to get started with the actual ads themselves.

What If I Don’t Want To Use Facebook?

Facebook ads are a great way to boost interest in your opening and make it easier for people who are interested to apply right away. However, if you don’t want to use Facebook, that’s fine too.

The job posting sites we mentioned earlier allows you to post a job directly from their site (sometimes they’ll even host it for free).

These sites have built-in targeting tools, so if you want your ads to show up only on LinkedIn or among writers, for example, these sites can help.

Remember that putting too many restrictions on your ad might limit its exposure—these platforms still rely on Facebook’s huge user base to drive traffic.

2 Questions to Answer Before Creating Your First Batch of Ads

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook Ad campaigns can be pretty complicated to manage. You’re not always sure what your best options are, and there seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there.

One thing is certain – you need to find people who are likely to fill your open positions.

Here are two questions you should answer before creating your first batch of ads:

1) Who is my ideal candidate?

2) What do I want them to do?

Identifying Your Ideal Candidate Take some time and sit down with all of your hiring managers to brainstorm potential candidate traits. This will give you a clear idea of who you should target in each ad group that you create.

Facebook Ads Are a Job Hunting Goldmine

An incredible amount of data is available to advertisers and used strategically, it can be quite useful in recruiting talent.

For example, Facebook’s interest targeting feature allows you to show an ad only to individuals who have demonstrated an interest in your business and its industry, more importantly, when targeting the Federal, Defense, and Aerospace industries.

You can use that information to your advantage by building up a clear picture of which candidates may be interested in your opening—and which ones are probably not—through what they like on their Facebook profiles.

And because Facebook ads are really good at driving people to click-throughs, even if a candidate doesn’t immediately apply for your job opening, seeing that ad might make them curious enough about what you do that they become interested in learning more and potentially applying for a position later on.

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