Increase Your Brand Awareness to Attract the Latest Tech Talent

Increase Your Brand Awareness to Attract the Latest Tech Talent

Increase Your Brand Awareness to Attract the Latest Tech Talent

Creating and maintaining an effective recruiting campaign can be time-consuming and expensive, but it’s also one of the most effective tools to attract the latest tech talent and secure new employees that will drive your business forward into the future; especially in the Federal, Defense, and Aerospace Industries.

Here are some helpful tips for creating an effective recruiting campaign that you can use in your own business and apply to your own recruiting efforts.

Part 1: Designing a Micro-Focused Landing Page is Critical

Create a landing page for hiring opportunities. Agencies can create an online presence where candidates can interact with your brand, products, and services before they apply.

This allows companies to make their branding efforts highly visible.

For example, if you are looking for data scientists, you could create a page on your website that highlights what your company is looking for in candidates, how you work as an organization and even examples of previous work.

Showcase what your company does best by creating informational content that highlights jobs or projects that are relevant to potential employees.

Adding videos or photos that show teams at work provides insight into how people within a company function on a daily basis.

Part 2: Establish Who Your Ideal Candidate Is

When you’re trying to attract candidates, be specific about who your ideal candidate is.

What are their job skills?

What technologies do they use?

Do they prefer Mac or PC?

How many years of experience do they have in what areas?

You can even get granular here and ask how many years of experience in specific technologies.

If your team is looking for someone with specific skills, list them out here so that job seekers know what you’re looking for before they even apply.

Part 3: Implement a Brand Awareness Recruiting Campaign

You can start planning your recruiting campaign right now.

Start with your company’s job postings and ensure that they contain keywords that will appeal to tech talent such as data science, machine learning, cloud computing, etc.

Next, you need a landing page – or at least one dedicated section of your website – where potential applicants can apply for job openings.

Ensure that it contains links back to your job postings and provides information about open positions and how prospective employees can apply.

Conducting a small recruitment campaign is relatively inexpensive but often effective if you plan it carefully and execute it quickly!

Part 4: Engage, Evaluate, and Communicate with Each Candidate

Now that you have a pool of talented candidates, it’s time to engage, evaluate, and communicate with each one.

In addition to ranking candidates based on your initial list, you may want to further research them or schedule a follow-up call or two as part of your evaluation process.

Finally, no matter how great a candidate is on paper, it’s important that they fit into your company culture.

To determine how well a candidate will fit in at your company and if they possess all of the essential qualities required for success in their role, consider implementing a company culture interview.

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