Why a Call to Action (CTA) Matters on a Landing Page

Why a Call to Action Matters on a Landing Page

The call to action, also known as the call-to-action (CTA), is one of the most important components of your landing page.

It’s your end goal, so to speak, so it’s important that you design your CTA with careful attention to detail in order to increase the likelihood that visitors will take action.

What is a call to action?

A CTA is an element of an advertisement, hyperlink, web page, or other communication that encourages its audience to take a particular action. For example, selling a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for B2B sales.

A call-to-action can occur either at the end of an advertisement or in an area designed specifically for it.

How do you make your landing pages engaging?

Capturing leads is just one of many benefits of using landing pages.

But if you’re after revenue, you need more than leads—you need clients. And for that, you need action.

A strong CTA will focus your visitors’ attention on how they can benefit from your SaaS product or service, rather than simply providing them with additional information.

Here are some ideas for designing CTAs that will encourage your visitors to take action

Common mistakes when it comes to CTAs

Creating an engaging landing page that speaks to your target audience is critical if you want them to convert.

But many sites do not have enough space or information for user engagement, which can lead users elsewhere.

When creating your site, ask yourself what you want your visitor to take away from it.

If you want them to continue reading about why defense industry businesses should contract with your company, allow ample room for it and include a call-to-action as well as specific details about how it can help their business grow.

Be sure that those who visit your page understand how contracting with you will benefit their bottom line because they are looking for solutions too.

Specific examples from defense industry landing pages

If you want to see what having a strong call-to-action can do for your landing page, check out these defense industry pages: Raytheon and Sikorsky.

Both companies lead with an image and bold headline, and both offer value propositions upfront: Raytheon will make an entire world of difference, while Sikorsky describes how they help people see what others don’t.

Both emphasize that you can connect with them for more information. In other words, they set up their landing pages for conversion from top to bottom.

With some compelling copywriting and headlines above their CTAs, Raytheon and Sikorsky have made it as easy as possible for anyone who’s interested in learning more about them to click on those buttons.

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