How to Win Federal Government Contracts with Amazing RFPs

How to Win Federal Government Contracts with Amazing Request for Proposal

A compelling business proposition is one of the most important parts of a Request for Proposal (RFP), or request for proposal, and it’s also one of the most difficult to get right.

A strong RFP can make or break your chance at winning a government contract, and the best way to do that is to start by knowing what your client needs and wants.

This guide will show you how to create an amazing RFP that will help you win federal government contracts with minimal effort on your part.

All you need are these five secrets that many business owners don’t know!

1) Put together a Compelling Business Proposition

To win federal government contracts, you must present a compelling business proposition (CBP).

This has two components: your product or service and your company.

The CBP should include both because you can’t separate your business from what it sells.

To put together a compelling business proposition, think about what sets you apart from other businesses vying for federal contracts.

Is it something tangible like the price? Or intangible like reputation?

Whatever it is, make sure you clearly communicate why potential customers should choose you over others.

2) Leverage Digital Marketing to Amplify Your Value Proposition

Much like a brand advertiser, government contractors must find ways to set themselves apart from competitors and make sure their business proposition is truly compelling.

There are plenty of resources available (e.g., HHS’ Blanket Purchase Agreement website and FedBizOpps) that can help you develop a digital marketing strategy that includes social media, online ads, etc.

Consider putting out an engaging video ad or two on YouTube, for example.

If your product is particularly relevant and timely (e.g., relative to the solution the military needs..), you might even be able to get it aired on local TV news stations during prime time—which could drive tens of thousands of eyeballs directly to your page.

3) Develop Brand Digital Advertising

If you’re one of many government contractors competing for a big government contract, there’s no better way to stand out than developing brand digital advertising.

After all, you won’t get any extra consideration for being good at your core competency; but if you can show that your company provides compelling value propositions in addition to your technical ability, then you give yourself a big advantage over other competitors.

4) Well Written and Persuasive RFPs Win Government Contracts

Whether you’re in aerospace, defense, IT, or another industry, there’s no denying that writing a strong and compelling RFP is absolutely critical when it comes to winning federal government contracts.

I’m not just talking about any old government contract though.

I mean large-scale federal government contracts—the kind that comes from Pentagon, Navy, and Army programs.

This is because winning these types of contracts can dramatically transform your business.

When you integrate advertising and digital marketing, it will help amplify your brand in parallel as you grow with larger defense contracts.

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