What is Facebook PIXEL Tracking?

March 19, 2021by HILARTECH, LLC

Facebook recently announced that it’s rolling out Facebook PIXEL Tracking, which allows websites to track the activities of users even after they leave Facebook and visit other websites.

What exactly does this mean?

Do you need to be concerned as a Facebook user?

Let’s take a look at how this will affect your Facebook life as well as how it might impact your business’ Facebook strategy going forward.

1) Pixel Tracking Explained

Facebook’s PIXEL tracking technology helps advertisers measure their return on investment for ad campaigns.

A pixel tag (or pixel) is a 1×1 transparent image file that Facebook uses to track activity and measure engagement with ads, posts, etc.

It does not personally identify users and there are no third-party cookies involved.

In order to associate ad clicks with in-store sales or conversions, brands need to collect email addresses or phone numbers from people who interact with ads on Facebook.

2) Benefits of Pixel Tracking

The most common benefit of Pixel tracking is that it allows marketers to learn more about their customers.

As consumers are bombarded with marketing messages on a daily basis, it’s increasingly important for marketers to understand which ones are resonating with their audience and which ones aren’t.

This information can be incredibly valuable for business owners who want to decide what marketing efforts are worth continuing and what needs to be changed or removed from their strategy.

Specifically, Pixel tracking allows businesses to determine how many of their ads were actually seen by users, how many people clicked on those ads, and where those people came from when they clicked.

3) How Will This Impact Facebook Marketing?

Pixel tracking will make it easier for companies to target customers or qualified recruits on Facebook.

This is super important for the federal, defense, and aerospace industries.

The rationale is, if xyz company is spending thousands per month on recruiting ads, it is imperative to know how effective the advertising campaign is.

This will impact Facebook pixel marketing in two ways: First, there will be more great content from advertisers that you want to see and less waste cluttering your feed; Second, marketers will have a better understanding of which ads are most effective and increase their spend on those types of campaigns.