7 Reasons You Need to Include YouTube Advertising in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

September 18, 2021by HILARTECH, LLC

7 Reasons You Need to Include YouTube Advertising in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

You might have heard of YouTube advertising, but do you know how to get started?

In this guide, we’ll cover why including video ads in your digital marketing strategy matters and how to select the right ad type that will boost brand awareness, reach a broader audience, and drive leads and sales with personalization.

Get started with these 4 reasons you need to include YouTube advertising in your digital marketing strategy today!

1) Why YouTube Video Ads Will Reach Your Ideal Customers

YouTube has 1.5 billion monthly users, and your potential customers are spending more time on YouTube than ever before. On average, people watch more than one hour of YouTube content per day!

That’s plenty of time for you to reach your ideal customer with video ads that appear prior to or alongside their search results or social content.

That’s just one example of how video ads can help boost leads and sales on YouTube.

Here are 7 other reasons why you need to include YouTube advertising in your digital marketing strategy: 1) Target In-Market Audiences As a top source for online video, you can reach potential customers who are actively researching products and services similar to yours on YouTube.

2) How to Create Tailored Audiences on YouTube

Affinity audiences are similar audiences based on interest, behavior, or demographics. Use affinity audiences to reach new customers by targeting people who are more likely to engage with your ads.

Reach new customers—even those that don’t know they need your product or service yet—with display and video ads using in-market and affinity audiences.

Create tailored YouTube channels: Interest-based audience targeting lets you show different types of content depending on viewers’ interests and create content for specific channels geared toward their interests.

Add a call-to-action overlay: Want to boost engagement? Overlays make it easy for viewers to take action like signing up for an email list or making a purchase directly from your video ad campaign.

3) How Affinity Audiences Work

Affinity audiences are specific groups of people within your YouTube audience you want to reach based on things like shared interests or demographics.

For example, if you run a children’s clothing store, you might create an affinity audience for parents who have kids under 5 years old.

These parents may be more likely to buy children’s clothing at certain times of year (such as back-to-school) and during certain events (like Halloween).

When someone views your video ad, YouTube will serve it along with other videos that are similar based on affinities. This way, your video can reach people most likely to buy from you.

4) How In-Market Audiences Work

In-market audiences are made up of people who have already visited your website or purchased a product from you.

In-market audiences allow you to reengage with those who’ve left their contact information on your site, as well as those who have visited specific pages related to a service or product.

This helps ensure that your audience is more likely to buy from you again because they already expressed interest in what you’re selling.

For example, if a prospective customer visited a hair salon’s website and entered her email address during her initial inquiry, she’d be part of an in-market audience for hair products and salons.

5) What are Custom Audiences

In-market audiences are a type of custom audience that lets you upload a list of contacts from your database or email lists and target those people with ads on Facebook.

This is a very effective tool for engaging past customers, as well as targeting potential customers who fit your target demographic and have shown interest in your products or services.

Facebook also has another option known as Affinity Audiences, which lets you target based on shared interests.

If you use YouTube advertising, there are different types of video ads you can create including skippable or non-skippable spots.

6) What are YouTube Placements

YouTube offers a range of advertising solutions: in-stream ads, pre-roll ads, overlay ads, and skippable video ads.

Each one serves a different purpose and brings you closer to your intended audience.

guide will help you understand each YouTube placement and how they can help you improve your online presence. It also covers ad formats, targeting options, reporting tools, and more!

7) How does YouTube Remarketing Work

Remarketing is an easy, affordable way to reach potential customers who have visited your website or mobile app.

These are people who are familiar with your business, so they’re more likely to convert.

you set up remarketing for your YouTube channel, Google can show your ads on Google’s Display Network sites and apps across desktop and mobile devices, based on audience-level information that you provide.

If a viewer has previously visited one of your website pages or interacted with one of your mobile app installs, they’ll see an ad tailored just for them when they visit another site within Google’s Display Network—even if they don’t interact with it.