The Aerospace and Defense Industry is Fighting for its Share of the Trifecta

The Aerospace and Defense Industry is Fighting for its Share of the Trifecta

The aerospace and defense industry has long been dominated by the big three: Boeing, Airbus, and Lockheed Martin.

The big three are responsible for the majority of the business or contracts aerospace and defense OEMs get which leads to fierce competition and industry rivalry.

But other companies are chipping away at these monopolies through rebranding strategies, digital advertisements, and retargeting advertising in the hopes of carving out their own piece of the trifecta pie.

Brand Awareness

To fight against fierce competition, aerospace companies are turning to re-targeting advertising.

With digital strategy becoming increasingly important in all industries, it comes as no surprise that aerospace companies are using more digital tools to reach consumers who have shown an interest in their brand or products.

With more millennials identifying themselves as educated consumers, re-targeting online has become a great tool to increase brand awareness and make sales conversions for many popular brands.

According to an IBM survey, 69% of all U.S adults between 25-35 use ad blockers online making it even more challenging for brands trying to reach their audience through traditional means like television commercials.

Retargeting Advertising

Retargeting advertising has become an increasingly valuable digital strategy for aerospace and defense companies.

This type of digital advertising allows aerospace and defense companies to target potential customers, especially if those potential customers visit a competitor’s website or exhibit at a trade show.

The digital strategies aerospace and defense companies use are often particularly strong due to their high-level brand awareness, meaning that it’s easier to promote brand awareness.

A Full-Spectrum Digital Strategy for the Defense Industry

When it comes to marketing, aerospace, and defense companies have a lot of thinking to do.

A certain number will get contracts from defense contracts, but many will not.

Many rely on brand awareness strategies such as social media to connect with potential customers but often do so by using one-off tactics that are ineffective over time.

A full-spectrum digital strategy built around retargeting advertising may be more effective at helping aerospace and defense brands connect with customers while reducing costs at the same time.

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