How Retargeting is Changing the Game for Digital Marketing

July 15, 2021by HILARTECH, LLC0

How Retargeting is Changing the Game for Digital Marketing

How many times have you visited a website but left without requesting a demo of your company’s SaaS product?

Odds are, if you’re like most people, it’s happened at least once in your life.

And, even if they did request a demo of the SaaS, chances are pretty good that they were still surfing the web, trying to decide which product to test or service to invest in.

1) Why is Digital Advertising so difficult today?

One of the biggest challenges today is due to many people being bombarded with online ads.

In fact, according to a recent study, 74% of consumers view retargeted ads as invasive and irrelevant.

Here are four steps you can take to ensure your digital advertising strategy will succeed and that it’s less likely to be deemed as irrelevant by your customers.

2) What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting advertising allows companies to maintain a presence on their customers’ computers, following them from website to website.

While an individual may not make a purchase initially, retargeting ensures that they will be exposed to your brand even after leaving your site.

3) When Do We Use Retargeting?

It’s important to get a solid digital strategy in place before you invest in retargeting ads.

If you don’t already have a landing page funnel set up, retargeting won’t be effective because there won’t be a clear path to conversion.

With a funnel or traffic source in place, you can start looking at what your visitors do on your site and how they behave when they click away from it.

4) Increasing Conversions with Targeted Ads

The easiest way to understand retargeting is with an example. Imagine that you’re a digital marketer running a campaign that sends traffic to your website via Google AdWords.

After your ads have served their purpose, they go back into the queue and are made available to be bid on again.

However, instead of bidding on users as a whole—allowing someone else to capture these potential leads—you can bid specifically on users who have already visited your site before.

5) How do you measure retargeting performance?

Every digital marketing channel has its own metrics, but retargeting has its own unique KPIs, including brand awareness, lift in conversions, and revenue.

When it comes to measuring retargeting effectiveness, you’ll want to check your primary conversion metric and then compare that against your previous performance.

If you’re looking at other metrics (like brand awareness or lift in conversions), make sure they’re consistent with what your primary business goals are before looking at them as a stand-alone KPI.

6) What does cross-device targeting work?

Cross-device targeting allows you to reach your audience on any device by recognizing a unique user and matching them with all of their devices.

This means that when you place your retargeting advertisement, you’ll be able to show it to users who are logged in to Facebook or Twitter on their desktop computer, even if they visited your website from a mobile device.

If you’re trying to get more leads with retargeting, cross-device targeting could be key!

7) What are lookalike audiences on Facebook?

Facebook’s algorithm gives a lot of weight to lookalike audiences.

That means if your existing customers are all 35-year-old males, you can upload their email addresses or phone numbers into Facebook’s advertising tool and it will search its database for people who share characteristics with those existing customers.

Once it finds those individuals, it serves ads to them based on whatever campaign you want to run.

8) What is the best advertising platform to utilize retargeting?

What if you could target digital advertisements specifically to your leads?

With retargeting ads, you can, which is why so many advertisers are turning to it in their digital marketing strategies.

But which platform should you utilize?

There are a few options out there.

Take a look at each of them and choose one that fits best with your brand.

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