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7 Reasons Intelligent Supply Chain Leaders Need to Embrace Digital Marketing

Businesses’ brand awareness and reputation management are only as strong as their supply chain network allow them to be. Supply chain leaders in the Federal, Defense, and Aerospace industries must work to proactively shape their organization’s digital vision and strategy and ensure the supply chain operating model can deliver on both. Digital marketing advances now...

Retargeting Campaigns for Brand Awareness

Retargeting Campaigns for Brand Awareness
Retargeting Advertising

Retargeting Campaigns for Brand Awareness Retargeting campaigns bring visitors back to your federal, defense, or aerospace industry business’s website and build brand awareness by keeping your name in front of consumers. This second audience not only brings more site visitors but also increases the likelihood of conversion. Retargeting also has the benefit of increasing click-through...

How to Successfully Recruit for Defense Contracting

When looking to expand your workforce, finding qualified candidates can be one of the most difficult things to do. However, companies looking to hire new employees shouldn’t feel frustrated by the process. With effective planning and preparation, it’s possible to use advertising strategies that will help you reach and recruit candidates from all backgrounds, including...